Why this 'Raavan' on Harley Davidson broke traffic rules in Delhi was a big surprise both for people …

ravana 7591
ravana 7591
Raavan, Dussehra, Harley Davidson, Mukesh Rishi, DCP Traffic Dinesh Gupta, Luv Kush committee Ramlila, Ramlila, Traffic laws, helmet Actor Mukesh Rishi (Source: IE)

Raavan is seen as an epitome of evil. Thereby, effigies of Raavan are burned across the country on Dussehra to mark the victory of good over evil but what if, Raavan does something evil for a good cause?

Something of this sort happened on Saturday (30 September), when actor Mukesh Rishi zipped past the President’s house on his bike. Rishi, who plays the role of Raavan at the Luv Kush committee Ramlila chose his Harley Davidson to reach the venue but instead of wearing a helmet, he chose a Raavan-styled crown. While he was passing through the President’s house, the traffic police noticed him and took pictures of his bike to trace the bike’s registration certificate. After confirming that the bike was registered in his name, a fine of Rs 100 was imposed on him for the same.

“Traffic personnel also made videos of him and sent it to the Road and Safety cell headquarters in Todapur. After tracing the vehicle owner, we sent a notice to his registration number, communicating that he had violated traffic norms and a challan would be issued,” said DCP Traffic (Outer Range) Dinesh Gupta.

However, after being caught violating the traffic laws, actor Mukesh Rishi confessed that he did it intentionally to make people realise the importance of traffic norms. Rishi claimed, “I did it intentionally. No matter who you are, you must wear proper gear while driving. I wanted to send this message. I will pay the fine.” Reportedly, after the incident got the limelight, the actor went to the police headquarters to pay the fine and also apologised for breaking the traffic laws.

The actor was on his way to perform the final parts involving his character.

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