Why The Harley Davidson Road Glide is NOT For Everyone

why the harley davidson road gli
why the harley davidson road gli

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  1. I have a 2010 Roadglide love it, my wife traded her 2011 Streetglide for a 2017 Roadglide special Laguan orange awesome bike
    God loves us so much that he gave the the Milwaukee 8 Ride safe

  2. Good video until you decided to go religion. I want motorcycle vids, not preaching about the invisible man in the sky.

  3. You can't have something that is 'VERY unique'. Unique is an absolute. It can be unique or, one step down, very rare. Ohh, and uhhh, cool vid.


  4. Love your videos but have to comment on something you said about the faring. Comparing the SG vs. RG, you said It's harder to turn the handle bars on the SG because the wind is pushing on it. You only turn the handles bars at slow speeds thus no wind.
    I thinks that the whole SG – RG faring and handling thing is a bit is over blown. There is a difference but its minimal. What I do believe is that taller riders feel more comfortable on the RG.
    Keep up the videos, thanks.

  5. here is a reason not to buy–mechanical JUNK……Honda Valkyrie will eat it alive….V-Max too….cheaper to buy too….

  6. From the angle of your camera that is a big gap of nothing just in front of the tank. Wonder why they didnt increase the tank to fill in the gap to give more fuel

  7. Really enjoy your videos & thanks for the biblical quotes. You never know when something you say will change someones life.
    God speed!

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