Why the 2018 Harley Davidson reveal was GARBAGE

why the 2018 harley davidson rev
why the 2018 harley davidson rev

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Why the 2018 Harley Davidson reveal was GARBAGE

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was by the who freedom machine reveal/advertising campaign that Harley Davidson has used to promote its new 2018 models. The Harley Dyna is no more, replaced by some sort of soft tail hybrid. The Milwaukee 8 is now in every motorcycle but I’m not a huge fan of that engine as you guys know. My biggest issue is with how Harley is marketing these now much more expensive motorcycles, by giving these bikes away to celebrities and millionaires… all the while not giving the same courtesy to the regular folks who participated in this program, Harley has sent us a clear message. They want rich people on their bikes and everyone else can just keep on dreaming. Pretty lame.

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Lee Stuart’s video on this subject

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I’ve still got hope left for Harley Davidson, I’m an optimist. I’m hoping they have something left up their sleeve and they’re still going to release an updated FXR or even give us a sportster dual sport. Only time will tell… and as i said in the video I’m sure the new motorcycles are great, but I feel like they’re losing touch with the people who made Harley into what it is. Till next time y’all, keep it weird #shadetreearmy
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