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  1. whether it a harley or anything else it does not not matter what you ride…the name on the tank does not change anything.

  2. All i saw was a bunch of geriatric sorority members hanging out near their parked Harleys.. So what you love best about riding a Harley is enjoying how it looks parked next to a bunch of other Harleys?
    Great video – just had to do some ribbing.. Looks like you have gotten to see a ton of great places on your journeys! Keep the wind in your face and the shiny side up! Finally some Harley folks not trailering their queens around.

  3. Not in this case. Get stuck in traffic and see what happens.
    I see it's kinda like Mc Donald's. Everyone knows it's bad for you but people still buy it. All because of the name. " A marketing scheme" Tax paying Americans sweating day in and out working to earn a living shouldn't have to spend so much of their hard earned money on a motorcycle that are clearly not worth it. 22k for a fat boy that overheats!?! Please…that's preposterous!!

  4. Bought my first Harley recently, a 2016 Low Rider S. Been riding over 45 years and I'm enjoying the Harley. But, it is just another motorcycle. Nothing magical about it. I even have the stock pipes on it and I don't own a single THING with HD except the bike. I also choose to dress as I have always dressed when riding and somehow I don't look exactly like every other Harley rider. And I'm OK with that.

  5. It's those really tasteful "Screaming Eagle" accessories, like mirrors with Eagles on the back, or engine covers with Eagles on them. Or seats….. With Eagles in them, assless chaps, with Eagles on them….

  6. Good to see some harleys getting used. So many harleys with no miles on them for sale now. Why don't people ride more :(

  7. It's my lifes dream to save up, head over to the US and ride through every state. For now I'll have to make do with saving up for my first harley (883 sportster) and riding through the UK. This video was inspirational man!

  8. I've ridden a few Harleys and a victory. Not impressed. I always get warned about the torque but the torque is always tamer than on my FZ09, and they deflate at the top end and run out of rpms too quickly while the tripple on my FZ09 keeps shoving all the way to 11k rpm.
    the sound of a Harley is great, but I personally feel the staccato of the testastretta 11° from Ducati sounds wicker… or the thunder of the new crossplane R1.
    I also found the constant scraping of pegs and boards annoying as shit. I was not even riding half as spirited and the damn things kept hitting the ground.
    also having my feet so far forward makes it very uncomfortable to ride over bumps. On my FZ09, the pegs are right under the seat so before I go over a bump. on the Dyna I rode, I was almost knocked off the seat by an unexpected bump and had to pull myself back on the seat using the handlebars… a big no no…
    I've ridden over unexpected things on the FZ09 and I have never been knocked off the seat so dramatically.
    you guys can love then all you want, but I'll stick to something that offers more than just looks and sound. my dream bike is the Ducati Multistrad 1200. now that's a machine!

  9. Sorry Warren but my one year old boys ears were asssulted by some dick gunning his harley as we waited on the pavement.Did he give a flying f…
    I doubt it.

  10. Whenever I hear a harley approaching I think,here comes another obnoxiously loud machine ridden by some dick that thinks we all love to be deafened by his loud piece of crap.Sorry harley biker guys but I don't think you all realise that we don't love the sound of your bike.

  11. Great video +Warren Smith. I do like Harleys as well, but not a fan of the extreme price tag for a new Harley, like the one I looked at and rode at the 2015 Bikes, Blues, and BBQ when I rode the 2016 Harley CVO Limited, in which I have a video of that on my channel, and I also rode the 2016 Harley Softail Deluxe Classic. I did not do a video on that one, but I was not thrilled about the price on the CVO Limited. I have a 2014 Honda CTX 1300 Deluxe, and I do like that bike over some of the other bikes I have ridden. I did a video on that one as well on my channel as well. I had done a school report on what Harley was trying to do with both the Electric bikes, and also the Horizontal line design in which my bike is based upon that, and I think beat Harley to the punch on that one. This video talks about my bike and the design of it at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3S0rHk2h78 . Too bad that Honda did not use that concept, and they went with a marketing campaign that was not very successful, because it was taken off the market within 1 year, and this dropped the price from about $19,000 to $11,750. It is a great bike nonetheless. I have thought about a Harley in the future, but for me, right now, it is too expensive to get one.

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