We'd Rather Ride One Of These Cruiser Bikes Than A Harley-Davidson

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Harley-Davidson is a name that is synonymous with the many cruiser motorcycles that it manufactures. However, most Harley’s that are present in the modern market are quite expensive, and although brilliant in itself, there are many other motorcycle manufacturers who create cruiser motorcycles that are just as good as any Harley-Davidson that money can buy.

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Being a popular variety of motorcycles, it is only natural that biking enthusiasts look forward to finding the best in the business of producing cruiser bikes and avoiding the worst. Although Harley-Davidson is a go-to choice, it is wise to stay aware of other alternatives to choose from. Some of these bikes are just as good as any Harley, if not better, and can be summed up as the list of motorcycles any biker would prefer to ride over a Harley-Davidson on any given day.

10 Honda Rebel 500

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One of the most iconic motorcycles that Honda has ever produced, the Rebel 500 is a brilliant cruiser motorcycle. Not only is it the perfect beginner bike and a reliable alternative to Harley’s Street 500, but it also provides the comfort and performance that will keep any biker satisfied.

Powered by a parallel-twin engine of 471cc, the latest installment of this cruiser motorcycle weighs a meager 408lb. Being small and light it is also extremely easy to handle and maneuver, making it the perfect choice for riding through traffic.

9 Ducati XDiavel

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Ducati is mostly known for the powerful and speedy sportbikes it produces and thinking about a Ducati cruiser bike seems like a ludicrous idea. However, the reality is quite different, since the XDiavel is exactly that. A powerful cruiser bike from Ducati, it weighs 545 pounds and features a modern look that is unlike most cruiser motorcycles in the market.

Although it is slower than most of the bikes that the company produces, it should not be disregarded as a slow bike, given the L-twin 1,266cc engine that it flaunts is capable of producing close to 152hp. This brilliant cruiser from Ducati allows the rider to not only cruise at slow speeds but also push ahead like a missile when needed.

8 Honda Fury

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The Honda Fury is the perfect representation of the past coming in contact with the future. Flaunting a bold and handsome chopper design, the Honda Fury is an exceptional cruiser that takes some daring steps in terms of its looks and appeal.

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It has a wheelbase that extends for 6-feet and has a weight of 663 pounds. Furthermore, it is powered by a V-twin 1,312cc engine that is capable of producing a power output of 67hp, which allows this menacing motorcycle to cruise forward gracefully.

7 Moto Guzzi California 1400

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Released in 2014, the Moto Guzzi California 1400 was revolutionary in the sense that it brought forth a dearth of new technologies and features that the cruiser motorcycle category had not experienced till then.  Powered by a V-twin, 1,400cc engine, Guzzi’s California 1400 also had attractive features like 3-level traction control, ride-by-wire technology, and ABS.

Having its design done by the famous Miguel Galuzzi, who is best known for his work on the Ducati Monster, the Moto Guzzi California 1400 stole the show at the time of its release, being a bike that not only featured a classic Italian design but also contained exciting modern technologies.

6 Kawasaki Vulcan S

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Be it any motorcycle category, it is hard to compile a list of the best motorcycles in that segment without including a worthy contribution from Kawasaki. Known for its exceptional performance, coupled with a modern and sporty design, the Kawasaki Vulcan S is a brilliant cruiser motorcycle that has the potential to compete with any Harley-Davidson.

Borrowing its 649cc V-twin engine from Kawasaki’s Ninja 650, the Vulcan S is a perfect ride for any biker; irrespective of his/her skill level and years of experience riding motorcycles.

5 Indian Chief

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Relaunched in 2014, the resurrection of Indian Motorcycle Company under the leadership of Polaris owes a great deal to the latest Indian Chief, one of the best cruiser motorcycles to exist in the present day. Powered by a V-twin Thunder Stroke 111 engine, the Indian Chief exceeds all expectations in terms of performance, quality, and comfort.

The powerful Thunder Stroke 111 engine works on fuel-injected, counterbalanced technology and is capable of producing an impressive torque of 161.34 Nm at 3,000 rpm.

4 Yamaha Bolt

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One of the most versatile motorcycles that Yamaha has ever created, the Bolt is still relevant in the present day and has outlived most of the cruiser bikes that the company has ever produced.

Featuring a classic design, bobbed fenders, steel twin-downtube frame, twin shocks, and wheels that have wired spokes, this bike is a perfect choice for cruising highways, as well as navigating through regular traffic. Powered by a 942cc engine that is air-cooled, this exceptional motorcycle is capable of producing ample power to satisfy the hearts of any bike lover.

3 Triumph Roadster Rocket III

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The Triumph Roadster Rocket III is a beast of a cruiser motorcycle that is not for the faint of heart and definitely not for someone who has just started biking on an intermediate or amateur level. Although extremely reliable and classy to look at, this bike is capable of producing immense power and should be driven with some restraint and control.

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Powered by a 2,294cc engine, this 797-pound monster is capable of creating a mighty 148hp in power output. Having a compactly designed brake system and reliable suspension, a seasoned rider will be able to utilize this powerful cruiser to the best of its abilities, while being delighted by the riding experience it offers.

2 Indian Scout

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One of the most iconic names and one of the earliest from the list of many bikes that Indian Motorcycle Company has produced, the Indian Scout has undergone many changes over the years with the 2015 model, even being selected as the best cruiser bike by many automobile magazines.

Riding this motorcycle feels like a breeze owing to the exceptional handling capabilities that it offers, courtesy of its utilitarian cast-aluminum frame. It is powered by a V-twin 69ci engine that comes as a fresh and welcome change amidst the many Big Twins that have been dominant in the market for many years.

1 Honda F6B

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Designed as a contemporary take on the iconic Honda Gold Wing of 1974, the F6B ‘Bagger’ from Honda basically aims at attracting cruiser lovers by blacking out the traditional chrome-trims of the Gold Wing and stripping it down to provide the bike with a modern look and feel.

The Honda F6B is powered by a six-cylinder 1,833 cc engine that is capable of producing 125hp power at 5,500 rpm and a claimed torque of 170 Nm at 4,500 rpm. By making just a few and simple changes, like the blacked-out wheels, frame and engine, shorter windscreen, and redesigned lower cowl, Honda has successfully transformed a classic bike into a formidable modern-day cruiser

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