Watch for motorcycles – and everything else

Watch for motorcycles – and everything else

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There was an old driver safety campaign some years back that urged motorists to “drive defensively.” That’s not an invitation to road rage; the message is summed up simply in the phrase, “Watch out for the other guy.”

It’s exceptional advice. Navigating the roadways safely is challenging, particularly with increasing volumes of traffic.

Over the next few days, local motorists should be especially diligent, as the annual Thunder Beach motorcycle event in Panama City Beach draws thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts, many of whom plan their route through Dothan.

State troopers report that our state has a high number of accidents involving motorcycles when motorists fail to yield the right of way. A motorcycle is smaller than an automobile, and can be easily overlooked by a driver watching for a car or truck.

We are fortunate to have one of the country’s most successful Harley-Davidson dealerships on the Ross Clark Circle at Park Avenue; motorists should be particularly wary in that area, as many bikers make a stop at the Dothan Harley shop part of their journey.

We urge motorists to be watchful for motorcycles as well as cars, trucks, pedestrians, bicycles and any animals that may be in the roadway.

It should go without saying that the most important things are those your vehicle could collide with, not an electronic device or other distraction in your vehicle. However, we’ll say it again and again and again.

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