Vintage motor nicked from lock-up storage in Te Awamutu

1666177764 Vintage motor nicked from lock up storage in Te Awamutu
1666177764 Vintage motor nicked from lock up storage in Te Awamutu

Kevin Parkinson on his 1940s Harley Davidson on Salt Lake Gairdner in South Australia. Photo/[email protected]

Te Awamutu local land-speed record chaser, Kevin Parkinson had his 1940s Harley Davidson motor stolen from his storage lockup on Cambridge Rd between September 23 to 29.

His welding gear, tools and some parts were also taken.

“The motor is not of any use to anyone, other than me, it’s been pulled apart, and parts of the motor are missing. It’s such a stupid thing that’s happened,” says Kevin.

Kevin discovered the break-in once he arrived and noticed the door lock had been cut. He added that multiple other sheds were also been broken into around the same time.

He says he is absolutely gutted.

Kevin is currently reviewing security tapes in hopes of identifying the thieves.

He has had this motorcycle for nearly 40 years. The bike came into his possession after he pulled it out from under an old hedge near Mātangi in 1983.

“It was pretty rusty then and had a lot of bits missing. It took me years to gather all the parts for it and then get it running.”

Kevin rebuilt the bike over the years to be a road-running vintage motorcycle. He then stripped it down, to then build it into a racing bike for vintage speed events, which he started attending in 2011.

Previously, Kevin set an Australasian record of MVG 109mph, which has since been beaten. He travels to Lake Gairdner in South Australia to compete.

“My fear is that it will be sold for scrap metal and what a waste that would be.”

Kevin Parkinson working on the now stolen motor. Photo/
Kevin Parkinson working on the now stolen motor. Photo/[email protected]

He says this motor is impossible to replace, so he wants it returned to him. Kevin is offering a reward, with no questions asked, for the motor to be returned.

“Somebody has got to know something, I want people to know that there won’t be any repercussions to those who do come forward, I just want my motor back.”

Kevin was in the process of rebuilding the bike to have another shot of breaking the Australasian land-speed record when the burglary occurred.

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