Victory Vegas vs. Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide Motorcycle Comparison

victory vegas vs harley davidson
victory vegas vs harley davidson

Victory Motorcycles has started a pilot program where the manufacturer is providing Harley-Davidson motorcycles to be test ridden back to back with various Victory Motorcycles.

In this video, DSJR70 from gives his opinions after riding both a 2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide and a 2011 Victory Vegas.

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  1. The guy who said a Victory Vegas is a better bike than a Harley Wide Glide is WAY off. The 103 motor and 6 speed trans are more than enough reason for the HD to DOMINATE that competiton. And I have sold Victory and love them as a Victory dealership employee but NO WAY does the Victory Vegas beat a HD Wide Glide with the new 103 no way that's just nonsense. His whole commentary he kept saying HD was better in every aspect BUT he chose Vic maybe he should watch this lol

  2. lol, at victory being better than the wide glide. This guy is full of shit. I have 2015 wide glide, and the only two down side to it are the seat and the drag bars should be 10 mini apes like the street bob. Other than that the wide glide is the better bike.

  3. Yeah, Victory doesn't sound like a HD, because it wasn't designed to. A HD engine is 1/8 of an early 1900s radial airplane engine. That was cutting edge technology 100 years ago. Victory is a modern engine. Harley is a cat-litter oil-dri beater. Oh yeah, and you have to dress like a pirate to ride a HD, too. Harley people are so cool. lol

  4. The Harley looks and sounds Better! And most importantly the Harley will be there long after the Victory cycles will be gone.

  5. So, final words he says he likes the Victory Vegas more, but throughout the video he's pointing out whats better on the Harley Wide Glide except for the swing arm and kick stand… I think he's confused…

  6. Grandpa says a Harley is better lmao! Brainwashed kids! Victory is outta business but it's still a better bike. Go have a ride with grandpa lmao.

  7. RIP Victory and RIP V-Rod. I guess people who want a bike that looks, sounds, and feels metric will buy metric bikes. Not saying that they were bad bikes, and I never disliked them, but I never wanted one either.

  8. WTF ! Compare a Harley to a bike company that stays in business ! Victory sucks and the new Indians are re-skinned Victories !

  9. I like how he said he don't like the fwd controls that its a easy fix lol nope sorry they don't make mid controls for the wide glide. I own a 2016 and I've checked. nothing doing

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