UPROAR! Custom Sportster – Harley-Davidson Battle of the Kings 2017

UPROAR! Custom Sportster - Harley-Davidson Battle of the Kings 2017

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Follow the journey we embarked on as we took a standard Harley-Davidson Sportster and transformed it into UPROAR!, our custom bobber and entry into the 2017 Battle of the Kings competition.

Design and customization by Maidstone Harley-Davidson.
See more of our work here: http://www.maidstoneharleydavidson.co.uk/pages/customization/customization.htm

Videography by Alex Kilby
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  1. Typical Harley dealer, living in the past – the popular thing these days is not to just dress up an under-powered standard bike but to hot-rod a standard looking bike….. My 2010 streetbob has over 130 bhp at the rear wheel and looks almost standard….. that is what you should spend your money on along with decent tyres etc etc….

  2. I would not have put that circle in the rear exhaust, but rather I would have extended the rear cylinder exhaust toward the rear of the bike until it was equal in length to the front exhaust. Thus the back pressure would be equal as well. You can still do that, right? They say exhaust should be somewhere around 61" inches each for top speed (back pressure) helps top speed and maximum rpm, and maybe 45" in length for better low speed acceleration. Shorter exhaust pipes dump the exhaust faster and allows the motor to pick up rpm's at a faster rate for faster acceleration. Off course too short and the air can make it's way from the atmosphere trough the exhaust pipe exit opening and forward into the pipe and eventually into the cylinder itself causing burnt valves. So you do need a minimum of exhaust pipe length to avoid that. Also with too short of exhaust pipes the engine has not enough back pressure to hold the spent gasses in the cylinder long enough to provide torque from the expansion of the hot exhaust gasses. That is closely associated with valve timing, spark timing and cam timing as well.
    You can sort of ameliorate the requirements for perfect exhaust lengths by using a reverse cone megaphone on the tip of the exhaust pipe exit which will send a sound wave causing back pressure so that shorter exhausts can still function well at maximum speeds. The best of both worlds. As the sound wave created back pressure will prevent the spend exhaust gasses from leaving the cylinder before it has produces maximum torque thus allowing for high top speed and very fast acceleration with the same set of exhaust pipes.

  3. What size tires did you end up going with, I'm wanting to throw some classics on my 2015 48. don't know what size to use.

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