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  1. hate to pop your balloons dudes . but those bikes with hardcore painted on the fuel tank , ARE NOT EVEN CLOSELY RELATED TO A V-ROD ..they are built by a man called Marcus Walz of hardcore choppers since 1979 way before a V-Rod  with big twin Harley Davidsons largest engines ever made with the transmission separate of the engine cases connected with a primary ..the engines are 45* v-twins  that give you the famous potato potato potato sound  a v-rod does not but rumbles instead !!! and yes I realize Marcus  tunes the V-Rod also ..but a V-Rod aint a big twin and a big twin aint a V-Rod ..that gives Harley haters more ammo that cost sales that gets models taken away from people like me who would like to see all no good for nothing Harley haters put in their place once and for all .

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