Trend Analysis Report – Harley-Davidson Inc (NYSE:HOG), Biopharmx Corp (NYSEMKT:BPMX)

Many investors think of dividend-paying companies as boring, low-return investment opportunities. Compared to high-flying small cap companies, whose volatility can be pretty exciting, dividend-paying stocks are usually more mature and predictable. Though this may be dull for some, the combination of a consistent dividend with an increasing stock price can offer earnings potential powerful enough to get excited about. Once a company makes a profit, management must decide on what to do with those profits. They could continue to retain the profits within the company, or they could pay out the profits to the owners of the firm in the form of dividends.

Once the company decides on whether to pay dividends they may establish a somewhat permanent dividend policy, which may in turn impact on investors and perceptions of the company in the financial markets. What they decide depends on the situation of the company now and in the future. It also depends on the preferences of investors and potential investors. The good part about the dividend growth strategy is that investors receive cash in their brokerage accounts from their dividend paying stocks. This allows them to have the necessary resources available for opportunities present during recessions for example.

The following stocks have raised dividends each year for several years in a row.

Harley-Davidson Inc (NYSE:HOG) traded 3,268,400 shares on last trading session with closing price of $ 56.32.

HOG was trading -11.17% below its 52-week high and 37.86% above its 52-week low. Its last 5-Year EPS growth stands at 10.40%; with earnings growth of -22.60% yoy. The stock stands -4.82% below the average-price of 50 days and -5.90% compared with the SMA 20.

The stock has a 1-year performance up 19.10% and a negative weekly performance at -5.19%. Moreover, the stock is down -6.96% in one month through last close, to $ 56.32, showing a -4.35% return during the past three months. The company is set at a mean analysts’ recommendation of 2.70.

Harley-Davidson has been paying dividends since 1993 and has raised their dividend for 6 consecutive years. It has a dividend yield of 2.60% and a 5 year dividend growth rate of 22.03%. Their payout ratio is 38.00%.

Biopharmx Corp (NYSEMKT:BPMX) shares moved to $ 0.840 after opening the day at $ 0.80, on Monday. The stock floated in a price range of $ 0.77 to $ 0.88, with market capitalization of $ 62.34M. The stock exchanged hands with 3,345,600 shares higher as compared to its average daily volume of 1.30M shares. If we take a look on its volatility, 10.12 percent was seen in a week and for the month it was 10.50 percent.

The company’s net profit margin stands at N/A whereas its return on equity (ROE) is N/A. It has 67.72M of outstanding shares and its shares float measured at 63.97M. The average analysts gave this company a mean recommendation of 2.00.

Biopharmx first paid dividend in None and has increased their dividend for 0 straight years. They have a dividend yield of 0.00% and a 5 year dividend growth rate of 0.00%.

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