Top 3 Mods for Harley-Davidson Road King

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Gear up for your next touring adventure with your Harley-Davidson Road King. This killer bike has all the barebones power, comfortable seating and stylish curves you need to conquer the road. Whether you’re tackling Route 66 or taking a jaunt around your neighborhood, this touring bike feels as good as it looks. However, even the best bikes still need a few mods once in awhile. Find out how you can upgrade your Road King with genuine Harley-Davidson Road King parts and aftermarket mods.

1. Killer Exhaust System
The perfect DIY project for beginners and professionals alike is a new exhaust. Few aftermarket parts combine the same amount of look, sound, style and performance in one affordable piece. Even if you love your current exhaust system, you may be surprised to hear what a professional upgrade can do.

It’s not a Harley unless you can hear it for miles. Look for loud exhaust systems to amp up your sound. Not only does this encourage head-turning and drooling wherever you ride, it also keeps you safe by letting other drivers know where you are at all times. If your current exhaust already gives you a migraine after long, hard days on the road, consider a quieter system that focuses on improved airflow and increased horsepower.

2. Serious Saddlebags
No touring bike would be complete without serious storage solutions. Nothing’s worse than running out of room on the road. Whether you’re strapping your tent and all your camping gear to the back of your Road King or you’re packing some fancy clothes for a night out on the town, look for custom saddlebags and other storage solutions for your Harley-Davidson Road King. Shop for Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts online to be sure your new gear fits your ride.

Take a look at the weight recommendations for your particular Road King. Modern bags are so roomy that it’s easy to overload your ride. Too much gear can be rough on your suspension and your fuel economy. Choose lightweight bags, pack the essentials and consider adjusting your suspension with the new weight load in mind.

3. Comfy Tires
Some bikers don’t think about replacing their tires until they’re worn to the bone or after they’ve burnt them out in front of a cheering crowd. However, new tires can be the difference between a comfortable, fuel-efficient road trip and a bumpy, noisy ride down the road.

Don’t just look for the cheapest tires that fit your rims. Consider upgrading to more comfortable, premium options. Some tires are meant for all-weather riding, while others were created for smooth, bump-free asphalt. Either way, find some tires that fit your Road King and your riding style.

Once you’ve invested in all the killer mods for your Harley-Davidson Road King, it’s time to gear up and hit the highway. Find all these awesome mods and the best motorcycle riding gear online. You’ll find a wide range of affordable, top-of-the-line gear. Shop for parts and accessories that match your specific year of Road King for hassle-free fitment. A quick pitstop in your garage and you’ll soon be ready to show off your personalized Road King.

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