Top 10 Best BMW Motorcycles

The BMW company is a luxury automobile manufacturer which is a subsidiary of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG in Germany and was founded in 1916. The parent company initially began making aircraft engines and now brands its vehicles under BMW, Rolls-Royce, and Mini. BMW not only makes high-end cars but is also known for producing motorcycles under the motorcycle division, BMW Motorrad.

Over the years, BMW has improved upon its initial model of the motorcycle and is even set to release an all-electric motorcycle to the public. Without further ado, here are, in no certain order the ten best BMW motorcycles.

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10 BMW S100RR

First up is the BMW S100RR. This bike was first designed to compete in the 2009 Superbike World Championship but eventually made its way into commercial production. The S100RR is available in three color options and now offers DTC or Dynamic Traction Control. It not only offers a smoother ride but also a safer one.

The S100RR is equipped with a four-cylinder engine which puts out 199 hp at 13,500 rotations per minute. During the purchase of this vehicle, a variety of accessories can be added on such as HP footpegs, an HP carbon front fender or HP hand levers.

9 BMW DC Roadster

Next up is BMW’s first road-ready electric motorcycle, the BMW DC Roadster. With companies such as Harley Davidson stepping up to the plate and manufacturing electric bikes such as the LiveWire, the DC Roadster certainly has some competition.

For starters, the Roadster has a universal shaft instead of a chain and has cooling elements exposed on the outside that enables for quicker cooling and better temperature control. In addition to these changes and the lack of a gas tank, the design of the DC Roadster has been so heavily modified that it seems like the bike of the future. It certainly doesn’t look like any motorcycle you’ve seen before.


8 BMW R1200 GS

Launched in 2004, presenting to you the BMW R1200 GS. The GS has been a consistently high-performing motorcycle and is, in fact, one of the company’s best sellers to date.

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The R1200 GS is equipped with a two-cylinder boxer engine and is just one of the many bikes in BMW’s GS family of bikes. The GS family refers to a group of motorcycles that are dual-sport, meaning they are designed for use both on the road and off of it. The R1200 GS has a top speed of 130-miles per hour and has been featured in films and TV.

7 BMW F850GS

Next up is the BMW F850GS. Like the BMW S100 RR, the F850 GS comes in three color options and is one of the tech-friendliest bikes on the market. With a 6.5-inch display, drivers can safely access all data relevant to their experience without compromising on safety and security.

Also, with a four-stroke parallel-twin engine, the F850 can conquer any terrain and is an excellent bike to take off-roading. Like the S100 RR, the F850 GS can also be modified with accessories such as a sport exhaust, a functional tank bag for your stuff or even a ridiculous aluminum engine guard.


6 BMW HP2 Sport

Next up we have the BMW HP2 Sport. The HP2 Sport was produced back in 2008 and was the successor to the R1200S. In 2012, the production of this bike was stopped but it remains one of the best motorcycles to bear the BMW name and logo.

The HP2 Sport is equipped with a 1170 cc flat-twin engine that produces 128 hp making it a powerful machine. When first released, the HP2 was widely received as a powerful bike that could tear up the tracks. At the time, Motorcycle News said that it was the “finest sporting package” from BMW. Following the cease of production in 2012, it was succeeded by the HP4.

5 BMW HP2 Enduro

Next up is the BMW HP2 Enduro. The Enduro is a modified version of the R1200GS and is, therefore, an excellent adventure-touring bike and a high-performing off-road bike. The HP2 Enduro has some pretty impressive stats. First, the torque on this bad boy is 85-foot-pounds and BMW boasts this bike has a top speed of 125-miles per hour.

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This bike also has a suspension that can absorb nearly any shock to it which enables the Enduro to conquer any terrain, whether it’s off-road or dodging potholes in the city. While the two cylinders stick out awkwardly, the HP2 offers a smooth ride.


4 BMW K1600GT

Next up is the “Wanderlust on Wheels,” the BMW K1600 GT. The K1600 GT comes with three color options and is fitted with a six-cylinder in-line engine that offers a smooth, yet powerful ride. The front suspension on this bike is a BMW Duolever suspension and the K1600 GT has a Xenon headlight which offers dynamic leveling as well.

The design of this motorcycle makes it seem not only discrete but also sporty. The six-cylinder engine on this bike can put out 160 hp at 7,750 rotations per minute and has an extremely smooth acceleration that offers a sweet ride.

3 BMW R1150RT

The BMW R1150RT is up next. The RT series from BMW Motorrad is a luxury touring option that is essentially modified versions of the BMW R series of powerful motorcycles. Among this specialized line the R1150RT that comes with a 1130cc, 95-hp Boxer engine and many cool features.

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The bodywork on this bike is weatherproof and durable, which is one less thing to worry about. The electrically operated windscreen allows for adjustments on the go, along with available optional luggage and stereo systems. This bike also has BMW’s ABS Evo brakes and a large headlight with standard embedded fog lights.


2 BMW Kompressor

The BMW Kompressor goes by many names such as the BMW Type 255 Kompressor, the 500 Kompressor, the RS 255, the RS255 and the Type 255 RS 500. The Kompressor was produced from 1935 to 1939 and was intended for street racing with a supercharged boxer engine within this bike.

The Kompressor was preceded by the BMW WR 750 and was even supercharged with a sliding vane supercharger of the Zoller brand bolted to the engine. The Kompressor, over the decades, has set and broken multiple records, such as running the first lap at over 100 mph at a major race.

1 BMW K1

Finally, we conclude this list with the BMW K1. The K1 was a high-class and high-speed tourer designed and manufactured by the BMW company from 1988 to 1993. During this short time of production, only a mere 6,921 units were ever made.

The K1 was designed as an effort to rebrand the BMW company’s motorcycle line in the eyes of the media as a producer of flat-twin tourers. The K1 has a 987 cc engine and a DOHC valve train with four-cylinders. This bike can produce 100 hp of power, but it was restricted to only 95 hp in the US due to regulations.

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