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  1. Harleys have not had stock deafening sound in decades. You can add on aftermarket pipes that have a nice sound, but not obnoxiously loud like straight pipes. They vibrate at idle, but once underway, they are very smooth. Reliability has come a long way, starting in the early eighties with the Evolution engine. The Fat Bob and most of the Dyna chassis Harleys handle much better than the Softtails.

  2. They really aren't that loud with stock pipes, you can get aftermarket pipes to dampen the sound some more if your ears are that sensitive. I see sportbikes every day way louder than many harleys. But you do hear the few straight piped harleys roarin down the road. Vibrations? Which harleys have you ridden that shook your bones so much it turned you off? Very comfortable IMO. Power? there's some mods you can do to go quick, but it's a harley, and a CRUISER, not a supersport. Reliability? excuses

  3. I've been planning on getting a harley for over 2 years now and I've had my mind set on this particular model for while now. But it just breaks my heart heart to see a woman doing a road test with it

  4. Harleys definitely look the best, but I prefer something else out of my cruisers: non deafening sounds, low vibrations, comfort, power, and reliability just to name a few.

  5. For you idiots who posted the comments about the cemetery riding, if you have to ask then you'll never understand… stick to your imports and rice-rockets and leave the James Dean slash greaser look to the people who do it well.

  6. ma fate tacere questa lesbica del cazzo! non ha detto niente di utile della moto! vai a lavare i piatti troia!

  7. Sweet looking bike, I rode my first Harley the other day, a totally built 137 Cubic inch monster… it was a blast! Certainly got me looking at Harley's.

  8. In the UK we get ridiculously forward-ed footpegs …a shite numberplate fixture and no natty exhaust …and a 10% price increase …Cheers to Harley D Uk … total tossers! Enjoy the sales drop guys!

  9. I just picked one of these up. It is a bad ass bike. It's got alot of low end and handles like a dream.

    And to all the Harley hating metrics guys out there, Have any of you guys actualy driven a new Harley? I went from a Honda Shadow to this and there is NO comparison in any aspect. And about the price, it is buy no means cheep but a new VTX 's were about the same if not more. I saw a few 1800's new for 10k but they were left over 2006's.
    Dont get me wrong I hondas are great bikes.

  10. You cant ever conpair those bikes like that…. And i hate to tell you this the fat bob base is 15,499 msrp…

  11. Not at all… No what i'm saying is the jap bikes that look like harleys suck… Thats why i said if you want a harley …If you want a harley stly bike you buy a harley not a honda davidson.. I like rockets also.. But i have a harley and love it….

  12. are you saying that japanese super sport bikes look like harleys?
    I never wanted anything cheap or any bike that imitates another.
    I want the litrebikes for their performance

    sorry, i just didnt quite understand what exactly you were arguing with

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