This is why people HATE Harley Davidson motorcycles

this is why people hate harley d
this is why people hate harley d

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Ever wonder why people hate harley davidson so much? I ponder the manner of these things while riding Waldo’s 1986 Harley Davidson FXR. Big thanks to Waldo for letting me ride his motorcycle so Jessica could have her Triumph Speedmaster back! Expect a few more motovlogs on the Harley till I finally explain where my rocket 3 has been…

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The “bad ass” Harley rider picture is actually a respected YouTuber by the name of Maikeli 7. He is in no way the person I portrayed as a typical Harley guy with a bad attitude, he represents the GOOD guys who ride Harley Davidsons… so make sure to check out his channel here and tell him Shadetree Surgeon sent ya

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It’s definitely bittersweet saying goodbye to Waldo… and it’s a blow to the channel as well as he was a big contributor to it. But he’ll still be back to make more videos!! Stay tuned and keep it weird y’all #shadetreearmy
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  1. Why do people "hate" them? Simple arrogance. The owners are usually highly arrogant and severely misinformed. It irritates those of us that know that noise and vibration are NOT power!
    Refinement and function are two traits that makes air-craft and motorcycles fun and usable.
    What harley corp did was sell an image, nothing more. There is nothing about a harley that is functional. It's all about impressing people and showing off.
    Those of us that just like to ride are embarrassed that a harley is an example of what America can create. It tells the rest of the world we are all fat and stupid!

  2. with one or two exceptions, whenever ihave passed a motorcycle broken down on the side of the road its a harley. in fact, the image of a harley owner on the side of the road talking on his cell phone and looking down at his non-running bike is a cliche'

  3. Judging only by the short 28 seconds I've endured this video, the shitty offbeat blopblop fart noise your bikes make and the amount of thumbs down your video got, might I suggest reading the comments your video generated. Alot of them are pretty spot on. Oh and the taped seat goes a long way to show the world what kind of shit you're so proud of riding your fat ass on.

  4. Another reason is that old people tend to have them and we all know that old people are arrogant and just hate their life lol. I have a harley and will wave to rockets and any type of bike, yet their will be harley guys that wont wave back because they think too high of themselves. I blame age on why people can hate on harleys. Older owners are pricks.

  5. lol it's opposite for me I'm a die hard fatboy,road king, and heritage soft tail. But I'm riding a 07 1700cc Yamaha road star midnight Silverado with 19' King Kong bars shot gun style exhaust and Harley guys stay talking trash especially when they roll up on me thinking it's a Harley but it's not wtf smh lol

  6. Wasn't sure how I felt about your channel then I saw you sippin' on a Miller Low Life and I new I had to hit subscribe.

  7. It funny when people get all pissy if someone hates on a harley. The fucking faggots who ride harleys are the worst for hating on every other brand of bike. Theres no real argument, almost any jap cruiser of the same engine size and weight will be faster, stop better, turn better, be more reliable, better on gas and cheaper.

  8. Cycle World call the Super Glide a best used bike in their March issue. Very much like the bike in this video. Look for the street legal Yamaha flat track bike on the cover.  Other than the huge, ugly radiator, a very cool bike too.

  9. I know that this is an older video, but I came back to rewatch and figured I'd throw my unwanted opinion out there. I personally have seen WAY more non Harley riders talk shit about Harley riders being arrogant assholes than I have actually seen Harley riders be arrogant assholes. The ones like myself that get out and ride just to ride and respect all bikes are in the majority as far as I can tell. The ones that are douches are the dentists like you said, "weekend warriors" as my grandfather called em', the ones that work in a cubicle all week then put on all of their dealer brand gear just to ride 10 min to a bar and tell everyone how much they enjoyed the "ride" over. EVERY bike brand has those people not just Harley but since they came first they get the most attention.

  10. Great video, the point is if you want it ride a motorcycle, ride one. I started on a Suzuki GS500 I bought for $2700 brand new. Probably the most fun I had on any bike. The thrill I felt the first time I topped 55, good times. I bought a Ducati Diavel last Summer and is thus far the best bike I have owned. I like its diversity and power. But, ideally I would have my Diavel, a BMW 1600GT to tour on, and a 2003 Dyna Wife Glide just because. Loving riding is loving bikes of all kinds and appreciating the engineering, sound, and uniqueness of each one.

  11. I have bought lots of bikes! Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, I loved all of them & still do . My point is i have a 2013 Harley Ultra Limited it's the best bike i have ever bought. I also wanted to buy a 2013 Honda Gold wing at the time but i chose the Ultra Limited it was cheaper . So don't say they are over priced. In the long run the Harley holds it's value better than Jap bikes . So get out there and ride one !!

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