These Are The Coolest 'Battle Of The Kings' Harleys Ever

Harley-Davidson is the most successful domestic motorcycle brand. Available in every corner of the world, Harley-Davidson motorcycles are often perceived as a blatant display of socio-economic success. Some of those motorcycles are among the most expensive Harley-Davidsons ever made. However, some of the most affordable Harleys are the perfect base for a project.

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Battle Of The Kings is one of Harley’s most insane competitions. The concept is pretty simple yet crazily awesome. Some of the most beautiful custom Harleys motorcycle fans will ever see took part of the yearly contest. The competition can only be entered by Harley-Davidson dealerships and more than 300 participants from 30 countries built tons of custom Harleys that Harley fans would blow their savings on.

10 Old School Design


Sometimes the best custom styles are sober. The classic treatment applied to this simple yet gorgeous Harley should remind professional and amateur tuners that less is better. This 1970s inspired decals on the tank and side covers of the bike are tastefully chosen and placed.


This Harley-Davidson Iron 883 was part of the Battle Of The Kings 2017 in Australia and New-Zealand. It was competing against other serious projects from sixteen Harley-Davidson dealerships. Though it is unclear who won the ANZ Battle Of The Kings, it is safe to say that this pretty bike must have been among the top 5.

9 Mustard


This futuristic-looking Harley 48′ is coming out of Brighton in the south of England. It is nicknamed “The Mustard” and seems to be as lethal as the gas used during World War 1. This sick looking Harley must have turned some serious heads when it was first showcased.


The Mustard took part in the Battle Of The Kings 2019. Despite its crazy appearance, it did not win the title of King Of The Kings. Harley-Davidson should definitely take a close look at this beauty and release a factory version. Motorcycle fans would definitely throw a leg over monsters like this one.

8 Snow Drag


What happens if you love Harley-Davidson motorcycles but you live in the snow-covered mountains? If the summer days are far away and you are itching to ride your Harley, give this Slovakia-based Harley-Davidson dealership a call. The staff at Bansca Bystrika Harley will be delighted to hear about your wants and needs.

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Based on an XL 1200 CX, this snow drifter was created for the 2017 edition of Battle Of The Kings. Though it did not win the title of King Of The Kings, it ended up leaving a mark on most people’s minds – especially those spending a majority of the year in a snowy region of the world.

7 Beach Bobber


This mean machine from the UK seems to have been customized by a bubbly teenager. The white and blue Hawaiian themed beach bobber is a stylish ride despite the style adopted. It is refreshing given the fact that most Battle Of The Kings bikes are murdered out Harley-Davidsons.


The Shaw Harley-Davidson dealership won the 2017 edition of the Battle Of The Kings tournament. With only around $6500 worth of parts sourced from the Harley-Davidson network, the British shop was able to come up with one of the sickest modified Harleys in the UK.

6 Track Ready


This track-ready Harley came out of Adelaide in Australia. Unlike the majority of crazy modded Harleys, this Back To The Track custom is sober yet aggressive. Based on a Roadster, the Australian transformed what was a decent bike into a monster.


Thanks to its racy style and outstanding performance, the Adelaide Harley-Davidson dealership won the 2018 edition of the Battle Of The Kings ANZ. The motorcycle was featured at the global competition but did not win the hearts of the judges.

5 French Monster


This custom Harley-Davidson is using the Roadster 1200 as a base. It has very simple modifications but the result is absolutely mind-blowing. The tastefully chosen aftermarket parts and colors give this Roadster a very racy look. This Roadster seems like it will evolve into a demonic naked bike.

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Coming out of Limoges, France, this sick Roadster took part in the 2017 edition of the Battle Of The Kings. It did not win the competition but surely was among some of the most stunning modified Harleys that entered the competition. This shop has bright days ahead of itself with custom works like this one.

4 Screamin’ Eagle


Looking at this crazy Harley, one would think that some eccentric British or US mid-western tuner worked on it. This 883 Sportster is actually coming out of La Rochelle, a quaint coastal town in the western part of France. The French seem to really have taken a liking to Harley-Davidson bikes.


Equipped with a tastefully chosen dustbin fairing, the 883 Sportster is designed as a racing bike. Unfortunately, this Screaming Eagle roadster dubbed the Lakestar didn’t win the 2017 edition of the competition.

3 Black And Orange


There’s an art to modifying a Harley without having the bike look like it could belong to any other brand, and this FXGTS screams Harley-Davidson. There is nothing about this bike that would let people think it is a Honda. Though the black and orange may not have been the best choice of colors, the Sport Glide still looks like a monster.


Based out of Baldwin Park, CA, this Sport Glide won the US Battle Of The Kings. Thanks to its very Californian style, it was able to conquer the hearts of the domestic judges. Sadly, it lost the international contest to the Harley-Davidson dealership in Bangkok, Thailand. This Harley is one of the motorcycles that prove that Harley-Davidson is the king of cruiser bikes.

2 Retro


This Softail Slim went from being cool to being mean. Despite its very cheerful colors, the Joe Tracker is one aggressive looking Harley-Davidson. The main guy at the Queretaro dealership in Mexico hit the nail right on the head by targeting a much younger audience.

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Despite its crazy style, the Joe Tracker did not win the 2018 competition, however, it remained one of the most memorable Harley-Davidson bikes in the finals. The judges went ahead with a bike that would be more popular among current Harley-Davidson riders. Not potential riders.

1 Predator


This awesome Harley could fit right in a Mad Max movie. Its very minimal style coupled with the dual bulbs headlight and the rough-looking pierced of metal protecting the engine give it a very aggressive look. Even if it has a café racer feel to it, this Harley-Davidson is still stunning.


Sadly, given the number of participants, every cool custom Harley cannot receive a prize. This naked street racer will however not be forgotten. Its style has already been copied by several tuners internationally. It is still safe to say that the only people that successfully gave the Harley an end-of-the-world type of look is this Harley-Davidson dealership.

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These People Tried To Modify Their Cars… And Failed Miserably

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