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Mark White
Mark White

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Thanks to the efforts of a few hundred volunteers, the recent 2021 PRIDE (Personal Responsibility In a Desirable Environment) Spring Cleanups at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park really made a big difference for our local environment.

Mark White is Editor of The News Journal.

Initially, the cleanup was slated to take place on March 27 but had to be cancelled after only a few minutes due to incoming storms. The 211 volunteers at that event managed to pick up 339 bags of trash before they left though.

The rescheduled cleanup on May 1 resulted in 105 volunteers picking up 279 bags of trash, two tires, one bicycle, one tailgate and one television.

The thanks of a community goes out to the 316 total volunteers, who picked up 618 total bags of trash in addition to other items.

My wish is that people would take better care of their environment and not leave trash everywhere. It’s ridiculous and infuriating.

Cumberland Falls is without doubt one of the most scenic sites in Kentucky, and it rivals many spots that I have seen around the nation in terms of natural beauty.

In many other places around the country though, you don’t see the level of litter that you do here.

This is an easy problem to fix too. For goodness sakes, just through your trash away in a garbage can or garbage bag instead of throwing it out your car window or onto the ground.

Some people just can’t seem to grasp the concept and not just at the falls.

Take the parking lot behind my office in Corbin for example.

Despite the large garbage can in the parking lot, several people just can’t quite seem to grasp the concept of taking 10 extra steps to place their garbage inside a garbage can.

While I find the trash that people are leaving behind infuriating, I am grateful for volunteers, like the ones who helped cleanup Cumberland Falls recently.

Now for a few more topics before I conclude this column.

• If you aren’t making it out to some of our local events, then you are really missing out on something.

I thought the craft fair at the Williamsburg Tourism and Convention Center Saturday morning was a nice little craft show, which featured a surprising number of woodworking vendors. There was some nice carved items there. We have some very good craftspeople in this region, who make some nice stuff.

• If you didn’t make it out to the Cumberland Valley Cruise-In Saturday afternoon, then you missed a great antique car show. Actually, this was one of the best car shows that I have been too in several years.

This show had antique cars lined up on Main Street in downtown Corbin from Hardees to Gordon Hill in addition to having a few vehicles on side streets in between.

These old classic cars are real beauties, especially after they have been shined up. Many feature some nice hood ornaments, which is something that you simply don’t see on today’s vehicles. These are throwbacks to a different era when times were simpler and pride was taken in the craftsmanship to make these vehicles.

The Ossoli Club held a May Day parade that took place down Main Street through the middle of the car show Saturday afternoon, which actually seemed to maybe add a little something to both events.

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