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  1. I haven't seen a radically-extended Harley-Davidson springer like that since the early 1970s. And I thought that the 10" overstock wide glide on my old Pan/Shovel was long! Damn!

  2. as a biker it would be an awkward moment to loose balance on the left foot at a stop. women passengers are unpredictable

  3. Nicely done. Good to see you handling such a huge pain in the ass with so little drama. The only thing worse than a jockey shifter with forward controls is a jockey shifter with forward controls with the clutch lever mounted on the shift handle. I made it 50 miles with that setup on my Triumph. I got home, ripped it all off, and went back to conventional hand clutch, foot shift with mid controls. The jockey is not – not even close – to being a reasonable setup if you're ever going to get even close to any kind of traffic. It's definitely cool, but damn… a guy has to be dedicated to cool to run that setup. Once again, nicely done.

  4. Nice bike , but the more nice is to see 2 happy people enjoy the time together in a pretty machine.THANKS FOR SHARE MOORE!(Metallic Rooster)FB site.

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