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File Tax Returns 260x260
File Tax Returns 260x260

Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

What To Consider While Preparing To File Tax Returns

It is always anxiety and panic across the United States whenever the season for filing federal tax returns approaches. Notably, it gets worse when the government amends laws regarding the process. Further, the process always gets on the nerves of young Americans who anticipate their first encounter with the IRS. […]

What Can Governments Do To Help Small Businesses Thrive?

It is no secret that small businesses outnumber corporations by far. Further, many more people work in small businesses than those in formal employment. Notably, statistics indicate that over 50% of global job opportunities come from small, informal businesses. However, it is also true that the small business sector is […]

Blockchain Is Revolutionizing The Credit Industry

Following the Equifax hack, blockchain has emerged as the best alternative that can safeguard data and personal information as well as offer access to most consumers who do not get credit from mainstream agencies. The Equifax breach demonstrated exposed the credit system for its lack of transparency to the disadvantage […]

Can The U.S. Outdo China’s Competitive Resurgence?

China and The United States are scheduled to have trade talks next year following the faltering of Washington’s hard-line stand on Beijing’s recent global integration is likely to bring a different paradigm regarding power relations. It seems like the countries have reached a truce to drop hard-line stands to end […]

Are You Offering So Many Choices In Your Business? It Could Be Hurting Your Sales

It is challenging most people when they are presented with numerous choices in that they become undecided whenever many options are available leading to choice overload. Choice overload is characterized by anxiety, confusion, and indecision when faced with numerous options from which to pick. The phenomenon can affect business because […]

What Role Do Institutions Of Higher Learning Play In Bolstering Entrepreneurial Culture?

Call them tech accelerators or simply incubators, institutions of higher learning are taking center stage in transforming entrepreneurship. Before that, universities and colleges were imparting knowledge and casting the graduates into the harsh reality of the job market. Interestingly, it did not matter what one wanted to do; entrepreneur or […]

What Are The Implications Of Low Gas Prices At The Pump?

Oil is historically the most valuable fossil fuel that man ever discovered. Notably, the resource forms the main pillars of the combustion engine which powers most of the world’s machines. Interestingly, oil ruled the energy sector until climate activists brought up the debate regarding the harmful emissions from combustion engines. […]

The Currently Proportional Relationship Between The U.S Economy And U.S Government Debt

The U.S economic situation is currently in a weird condition where it has been experiencing a boom, but it is also characterized by escalating government debt. The U.S economy has traditionally been self-correcting. Financial regulatory authorities take measures to achieve a balance between budget shortfalls and economic growth. Such measures […]

Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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