The Doll Hut and Fitzgerald's Irish Pub Host Benefit Shows for Punk Rocker Zeb Reynolds

The Doll Hut and Fitzgerald's Irish Pub Host Benefit Shows for Punk Rocker Zeb Reynolds 1
The Doll Hut and Fitzgerald's Irish Pub Host Benefit Shows for Punk Rocker Zeb Reynolds

Friends and family of Zeb Reynolds have organized two punk rock benefit shows that will take place this Saturday, July 8. They hope to raise enough money to cover the medical costs due to his recent motorcycle accident that has left him in a coma since May 22. Reynolds is battling severe, life threatening injuries.

Reynolds was heading back to his job at Harley Davidson after his lunch break and was struck by a pickup truck off Newland St. and Ellis Ave. in Huntington Beach. First responders couldn’t find any proper identification but rushed him to the hospital, where he would remain unidentified for six hours. As soon as his older sister, Laurie, got a text from a family friend about the news, she immediately made her way over to the hospital. Laurie and about 20 other of Zeb’s loved ones filled the waiting room while he was in the ICU.

“He has a full army behind him,” Reynolds tells the Weekly. “I know a lot of people say these clichés about those that are in this type of situation and they end up just speaking well of them, but he is honestly one of the best people that you could ever meet. He’s kind, he’s funny, and he will quite literally give someone the shirt off his back if they need it.”

Zeb was born on May 13, 1988, which just so happened to fall on a Friday. Despite the superstition that deems it as an ill-fated date, Laurie believes her brother was born incredibly lucky. His lovable personality and striking individuality has made him a favorite of everyone he encounters and landed him the nickname “Cool Cat”.

Upcoming Events

The Reynolds family credits Zeb for keeping the spirit of punk rock alive in Huntington Beach, as he would rock his naturally red mohawk, converse, mix and match plaid outfits, a suit, and a briefcase rather than a backpack to school. According to Laurie, The Ramones were constantly played on repeat on his record player throughout high school. His love for the genre can be attributed to his father. Zeb wanted to spread the joy of music to his peers, and so he did by introducing them to both classic and modern punk.

Laurie started up a Facebook page to keep everyone posted on his status. She has made many video updates since Zeb’s accident detailing his everlasting fight. He has recently shown signs of responsiveness – whether that be opening his eyes and looking around, giving a thumbs up, smiling at a joke, or even doing tricks with his split tongue he loved entertaining those around him with.

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Nikolas Yerke

The cover photo on the Facebook page that reads “Long Live Zeb” was written out by friend, Nikolas Yerke, who was in Spain at the time he received the news. Since then, multiple “Long Live Zeb” tributes have been spotted throughout Spain. People all around the world are praying for him and keeping him in their thoughts.

There is also a GoFundMe page that longtime friend, Alix Dreyer, made so people can donate to Zeb so he can get the help he needs and rightfully deserves.

Dreyer says in the description, “I pray this GoFundMe Account works. Not only to help him financially but also show him others (even strangers) can pull through to help a good person in their time of need. The way he has done to so many others.”

Both the Doll Hut and Fitzgerald’s Irish Pub will be hosting the benefit shows this Saturday at different times, making it an all-day event. Nick Nicioli of Rockets Dead Glare helped put the whole thing together. Guests can expect live bands, raffles, wristbands, shirts, art, and food.

“We are happy that we can be a part of a musical community that cares enough to do something for a fan who is, in essence, one of our own,” says Mel Schantz, singer and founder of socio-political band Unit F. “And that’s what makes the punk rock community special…there is a bond between the bands and the fans, between the music and those who support it.”

The first event, Doll Hut’s Motorcycle Awareness Show, includes performances by Baby Snails, Skatanic Rednecks, American Jihad, El Nada, and Slaughterhousers. 21+. 1-7 p.m. $ 5. For full details, click here.

Fitzgerald’s Irish Pub will host the second event, Zebfest, and includes performances from Rockets Dead Glare, Unit F, Twitching Fingers, and NDE. 8 p.m. $ 10. For full details, click here.

To donate to Zeb’s GoFundMe, click here.

All proceeds will go towards Zeb’s recovery fund.

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