The Crew 2 will now have Harley-Davidson motorbikes cruising the good ol' US-of-A

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Ubisoft has announced that The Crew 2 will feature Harley-Davidson as a result of a partnership with the iconic motorcycle brand. The game will feature a number of exclusive motorcycles as result. First to appear in the game will be a Harley-Davidson Iron 833, a motorcycle designed with bare-knuckled minimalism and a garage-built style in mind. More designs will be revealed in the run up to release.

Naturally, Ubisoft is beyond delighted with the partnership.  Managing Director at Ivory Tower Studios, Ahmed Boukhelifa, said that, ‘The partnership was a natural fit as Harley-Davidson represents the same thirst for unrestrained exploration and the American passion for all things motorized that has inspired our vision for The Crew 2’

The vice president of global marketing and brand for Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Heather Malenshek, said that, ‘Harley-Davidson has a storied past of celebrating the American spirit, freedom and love of the open road, with the launch of The Crew 2, we hope to inspire more people, young and older, to engage in the sport of motorcycling’.’Merica!

Additional Harley-Davidsons will be added to The Crew 2 over time, allowing players to don their biker leathers and pick their favourite Harley-Davidson motorcycle to cruise through a digital recreation of USA. The Crew 2 is being created to take the experience beyond cars, featuring bikes, boats and planes, allowing the player test their own skills, and compete against friends as they attempt master a number of different vehicles to become the greatest champion of all motorsports.

There’s also going to be a beta for The Crew 2, though a date is yet to be confirmed. Players can find out more on The Crew 2 website.

The Crew 2 will be released worldwide in early 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. 

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