Test Riding the Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe FLSTN

Test Riding the Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe FLSTN

Here is the video of my ride on the Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe FLSTN. The “test ride” was actually a short group ride of 30 minutes under the supervision of the HD staff. It’s pretty hard, maybe even impossible, to evaluate comprehensively a motorcycle in such a short time. So, what I am sharing here are just my first impressions.

If you wonder what the “HD Experience Tour” is, see the video I edited in October about the 2014 edition: https://youtu.be/gysE0ZkQkxE

Specifications in brief:
– Twin Cam 103, V-Twin engine, 1690 cc, air cooled
– 78 hp @ 5,250 rpm (unofficial*), 132 nm @ 3,250 rpm
– Mild steel tubular frame
– 330 kg (727 lb) with all operating consumable liquids
– 6-speed gearbox, ABS
– 670 mm (26.4 in) seat height
– 18.9 l (5 US Gal) fuel tank
– 8,000 km (5,000 mi) maintenance interval
– 20,930 euros (in France), VAT included

The motorcycle of my test ride has a 800 euros optional “brilliant silver & vivid black” two-tone paint.

Cybercece’s Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/MrCybercece
Cybercece’s Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/MrCybercece

MrKiddo’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MrKiddoMoto

* Harley-Davidson doesn’t communicate any official figures about the power of its motorcycles.
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  1. Nice Review, I watched it quite several times. I like the Low Rider too you tested in another video. Why do you like the Deluxe more than the Low Rider ? – They have nearly the same engine, and the Low Rider is also comfortable…Thank you!

  2. Oh man i fucking love this! I'm 16years old and i'm trying to know more about Harley Davidson Motorcycles and stuff, I recently fell in love with them!! And i want to get Harley Davidson Softail so baaad!!!! JUST IMAGINE RIDING WITH THIS IN THE CITY!!! ITS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!

  3. You say you prefer this one rather than the Low rider, but both bikes are pretty much the same no? I mean they both have a very similar engine, similar riding position, similar weight. So apart for the look maybe, what makes you like this one better more?

  4. I enjoy riding my Softail Deluxe as a daily commute. It is very balanced and easy to ride and maneuver in traffic. A pure pleasure to ride.

  5. Nice review, I currently ride a triumph street triple and have considered getting a softail deluxe. I just ride for fun, a fair weather guy lol. Is the weight a big deal?(my bike is 400lbs). And is the engine enough to be fun? Or does it leave you wanting more power?

  6. Nice! Lovely bikes, but it looks like they are pretty hard to drive, they are massive! How did you like the V-Twin noise? I love it, although it could use another exhaust system of course 🙂

  7. enfin quelqu'un qui "apprécie" les HD en dehors de IG bien sur, 330 kg ce n'est rien… ma 1700 cuctom en faisait 400 kg, … voilà pourquoi je suis passé au 1200 sportster (220 kg max) qu'il te faudrait essayer à l'occasion, puissante et très maniable, (puisqu'elle vient des circuits à l'origine) conviens très bien en milieu urbain. continu comme ça et tu sauteras le pas !

  8. agree, fantastic to cruise around and enjoy the scenery. Terrible as a commuter, but hey that's what they are not build for anyway =)

  9. C'est vrai que ça donne envie une Harley…mais pour tous les jours à Paris…(Je parle même pas du prix) Faudrait que j'en essaye une et je me ferais un avis plus approfondi ^^

  10. Ça doit être très bizarre comme position. Après, on sent que c'est confortable, t'as pas envie d'envoyer là dessus, c'est le mode balade activé :-).
    Et t'as même pas essayé de lever en trois ! Bouuh

  11. Perso je penses pas que l'interfile soit pas un problème avec cette américaine…
    Embrayage + poigné de gaz = bouges tes fesses et laisses passer le mastoc ^^
    Ou :
    Embrayage + poigné de gaz = tu veux voir ma belle… laisses moi te la montrer ^^
    J'aime les maths xD

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