Test Riding the Harley Davidson LiveWire – Electric motorcycle prototype

Test Riding the Harley Davidson LiveWire - Electric motorcycle prototype

Here is the video of my ride on the Harley-Davidson LiveWire on a private test track of Michelin. I was very curious to try an electric motorcycle after having watched the video of RoyalJordanian about the BMW C-Evolution (https://youtu.be/OGwHR7npXWY). I haven’t been disappointed!

Specifications in brief:
– Cast aluminum treillis frame and swingarm
– 3-phase induction electric motor, oil-cooled
– 74 hp, 70 nm, 2 riding mode (Range & Power)
– Direct drive transmission with Gilmer belt
– 210 kg (460 lb)
– 790 mm (31 in) seat height
– 65-85 km (40-53 mi) range
– 3.5 hours for a full battery charge
– Won’t be marketed before 2020, price TBD

More info, pictures, bonus/exclusive videos on MrKiddo’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MrKiddoMoto

All the footage of this video have been recorded in the Michelin Ladoux Technology Center on June 27, 2015.
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  1. Everything is going electric like it or not. Bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trains, buses… etc. Electric flight is next… that's scary.

  2. Surely there are faster charging option than a standard home power outlet? Or do the batteries just not take a higher charge rate?
    With money no object, bikes are so well suited as pure battery EV's. Some fast charging batteries exist to take advantage of car infrastructure.

  3. you might miss all the things of a normal bike but if you are going to buy your first bike this is perfect for city dwelers especially if they make it affordable.

  4. Harley Davidson tried to be cool and name it after ACDC's 'Live Wire', but from the sound it makes, they should have named it after George Michael's 'Careless Whisper'. Haha

  5. It seems to me that they made it too heavy, which probably contributes to its poor range. Electric bikes can match and exceed that, at the cost of speed.

    Battery tech has a while to go before it can hold a candle to plain old gasoline, it seems.

  6. In a few years gas bikes will be dead for the average consumer, so it's nice seeing companies like HD starting to switch over.

  7. Wonder how much of the noise comes from the motor vs. belt vs the tires. Asia has lots of electric scooters and a number of e-motorcycles. Wonder when (if) we will see the motors inside the rear hub.

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