Test Riding the Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider FXDL (First Time on a Harley)

Test Riding the Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider FXDL (First Time on a Harley)

Here is a video of my first ride on a Harley-Davidson. I test rode the 2014 Dyna Low Rider FXDL. The “test ride” was actually a short group ride of 30 minutes under the supervision of the HD staff. It hasn’t really allowed me to evaluate this bike. But I can share with you my first impressions about it, and about the Harleys in general.

In my previous video, I have explained how I found myself riding this bike. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the link: http://youtu.be/gysE0ZkQkxE

Specifications in brief:
– Twin Cam 103, V-Twin engine, 1690 cc, air cooled
– 75 hp @ 5,010 rpm (unofficial*), 126 nm @ 3,500 rpm
– Tubular steel frame
– 302 kg (666 lb) with all operating consumable liquids
– 6-speed gearbox, ABS
– 680 mm (26.8 in) seat height
– 17.8 l (4.7 US Gal) fuel tank
– 8,000 km (5,000 mi) maintenance interval
– 15,790 euros (in France), VAT included

The motorcycle of my test ride has a 300 euros optional “Amber Whiskey” paint.

MrKiddo’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MrKiddoMoto

* Harley-Davidson doesn’t communicate any official figures about the power of its motorcycles.
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  1. I agree with you on the kickstands. I feel like it will still tip over even when the stand is down. if I ever got one that would definitely take some getting use too.

  2. Riding for 30 years mostly Italian bikes I recently had the opportunity to ride a Harley full dresser. Certainly not a bike that I would buy unless offered at a ridiculous crackhead price and had some extra space in the garage for a conversation piece. The quality and materials used making the bike are top notch. Riding experience was disappointing, Harley is a very heavy bike, handles like crap, the suspension is awful, the brakes beyond awful, vibrates and noisy as hell. Maybe when I'm at the age of 80 and can't ride anything faster than 50mph then I would probably buy one. It is the exact opposite from a BMW, Aprilia, MotoGuzzi, Ducati and so many others to name a few. When the europeans make a bike they make it to fit properly and do everything perfect and at the highest level of performance. European bikes are made with passion and employ the best technology. Harley is stuck in the 50's. A heavy hunk of metal pile of chrome and disgusting exhaust note with technology outdated decades ago. If you can't feel the speed, the open air and an engine that sings then what's the point of riding a motorcycle. If I wanted to ride a couch on wheels I would be in a market for a convertible. Same sensation, more comfort, quiet and no road rush. Ride an RSV Aprilia and you would understand what I'm talking about. Ride a KTM and get your blood flowing by riding highways, canyons, mountains, you name it. Anyway, I was disappointed riding a Harley, I expected so much more, and I was let down. Great bikes for those who like them, like the looks, quality and lifestyle that goes with them….just not for me.

  3. It's a shame that the roads were so wet ! I would not want to ride a big bike for the first time on wet pavement until
    I was used to its handling. I retired on May 1st, and look forward to buying a used 2007 low rider with under
    10K miles on it.

  4. I've rode most brands of bikes for 56 years and liked my Harleys the best….though I miss my 1936 Indian 1500 Chief I rode in High School. The newer sleds are more dependable and don't leak much. Though I miss my 1999 Electra Glide I don't miss my 2008 1200 Sportster. It's not really for long trips. I really like my 2007 Dyna Super Glide 96 " cu, 6 speed. It handles well in traffic and on long runs….

  5. C'est en bas que le moteur est le plus agréable! La distance linéaire parcourue par les pistons dans les cylindres est importante, du fait de l'architecture longue course, du moteur, donc quand les régimes s'affolent, les pistons, les bielles, les cylindres encaissent mal, et font de la limaille, et chauffent!… C'est comme les grandes jambes et les petites jambes! Pour marcher à la même vitesse, les grandes jambes font de grandes enjambées plus lentes que des petites jambes qui galopent en plus petites foulées pour suivre! C'est pareil!
    Les Harley sont construites pour durer! Et pour rouler loin et longtemps! Donc sans les tabasser, on les a pour une vie!
    Dommage pour le temps pourri effectivement! Sur le sec, quel régal!

  6. Salut Mr Kiddo! Oui effectivement Harley, c'est un monde à part dans la moto! Mais on s'habitue vite à ses différences! Les commandes manuelles, on s'y fait vite, la béquille, effectivement, il faut la maintenir au pied jusqu'à ce que la moto soit posée! À savoir qu'une Harley ne peut pas débéquiller, même en pente! La béquille rentre dans une gorge une fois la moto posée et est donc verrouillée! Pour les freins, le fait est que ça ne freine pas comme ailleurs, c'est vrai! En plus, les plaquettes d'origine sont dures et durent longtemps, mais bouffent aussi les disques! Des plaquettes tendres améliorent le freinage!
    Tu as durant ton essai, le défaut qu'ont tous les motards qui conduisent une Harley pour la première fois, qui est de monter et rester dans les tours! C'est une habitude prise sur les autres marques! Les moteurs Harley, n'aiment pas les hauts régimes! Ce ne sont pas leur domaine d'utilisation! Leur bonheur est en bas, dans le gras du couple!

  7. when I first got my Harley I used hand signals I kept on reaching for the turn signals with my left thumb..i was like what the fuck and where's the center stand

  8. Salut mrkiddo j'espère un jours te voir chez harley a villier sur marne (mon pere a une harley super glide de 2010 ) salut bonne continuation et tu fais de super bonne video salut

  9. jai beaucoup apprecie votre test de la HD, cela m'a donné encore plus l'envie de m'en procurer une ! ca fait des annees maintenant que j'en rêve mais vu le coût de l'entretien je prefere attendre un peu 🙂 j'ai actuellement 24 ans et j'espere pouvoir l'acquérir d'ici mes 30 ans, la principal raison est que je vis maintenant a agadir et l'idée de la conduire lentement en longeant l'ocean atlantique me fais trepir de joie, anyway merci pour la vidéo ;)

  10. I'm a sport bike / dual sport rider and I took a 2002 low rider out for a few hours yesterday (first time on a cruiser)….plenty of power, braking was horrible, turn in was better than expected, it doesn't inspire any confidence though. I would rather be back on my first bike (ninja 250 ) again even though it is much slower in a straight line. Just my opinion. Owned everything from dual sport to superbike, just don't like the big heavy cruisers.

  11. I have a 2008 Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider.  Love the bike.  There is nothing like a Harley-Davidson.  Nothing.  I have had Yamaha's and Suzuki's in the past… rode Harley-Davidson Sportsters for almost 30 years.  Am 61 years old now, and just love my Dyna Low Rider….

  12. I like the halrey blinkers, easier to operate with gloves on and just simpler. Harley are nice, wait until you get a real exhaust on it, you'll like it a lo tmore, they are comfortable so you drive slower, unlike a sport bike where riding it you're in constant discomfort.

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