Test: Kawasaki Vulcan S vs. Harley-Davidson 750 Street

test kawasaki vulcan s vs harley
test kawasaki vulcan s vs harley


Test: Kawasaki Vulcan S vs. Harley-Davidson 750 Street

(Nu med Video) Cruisere i begynderklassen på to forskellige måder – MagaCin har haft to begynder-cruisere gennem testmaskineriet på samme tid, for effektivt at kunne sammenligne to oplagte bud på en cruiser til den beskedne pengepung og beskedne køreevner. Kawasaki Vulcan 650 til 107.000 kr. og Harley-Davidson 750 Street til 139.000 kr. kan begge håndteres både pris og vægtmæssigt af alle.Den lave sædehøjde på begge gør dem også til oplagte.. – Se mere her: http://www.magacin.dk/motorcykler/test-japan-mod-amerika/ar6651/
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  1. please ride above 40. street 750 brakes can fail anytime. visit facebook page HARLEY DAVIDSON STREET 750 BRAKES SUCKS for user experiences.

    you can also visit facebook of Udham Singh Hooda

    being a responsible blogger, you should get in touch with older lot of customers and show the other side of the coin as well

  2. The diference it is clear… If you buy an VulcanS, you have a VulcanS. But if you buy an HDstreet750, you have the motorcycle that you want… if you see one in the road it are diferent to all. 😉

  3. I own a 2015 vulcan s and I love it. only HD I have riden was a big ass electra glide and I hated it Compared to my vulcan. it has plenty of power no matter what rpm your at and I think it looks better then most HD

  4. okay i got it.,got a translator..he was saying the Kawasaki is better and they Harley is shit.

  5. The Vulcan looks better to me, but the HD sounds better. I wished they would have made the Vulcan belt drive as well…

  6. ……is there an English version…..?

    or am I just that bad at listening to Scottish people talk?

  7. LOL. The amount of fucks he gave revving the Harley after doing the Vulcan brought tears to my eyes. I'm pretty sure Kawasaki won this round.

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