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Harley Davidson Bike Pics

Harley Davidson Softail

This tastefully customized Harley was at Cruise Night this past summer. What are your thoughts on it? My Instagram: www.instagram.com/malcolm_automobili/ Posted by Malcolm Oliver on 2019-12-08 17:06:53 Tagged: , Harley Davidson , Harley , Davidson […]

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Harley Davidson Bike Pics


The classic Harley-Davidson engines are V-twin engines, with a 45° angle between the cylinders. The crankshaft has a single pin, and both pistons are connected to this pin through their connecting rods. To simplify the […]

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Harley Davidson Bike Pics

Harley Davidson Panshovel chop

Miikka Pyykönen’s Harley Panshovel chop at the 201 Helsinki motorbike show. "Wannabe Swedish Style". Posted by Dave_S. on 2012-02-10 07:03:44 Tagged: , Helsinki MP show 2012 , Wannabe Swedish Style , panshovel , mottoripyöranäyttely , […]