Stories of Bike | Two Cities: Part 2 (A Harley-Davidson 48 Sportster Story)

stories of bike two cities part
stories of bike two cities part

The story continues between the Rising Sun Workshop in Sydney and The Kustom Kommune in Melbourne.

Both communal workshops have taken to the builds of their Harley-Davidson 48 Sporters, engaging their communities and managing all the set-backs and challenges that come with a customising any bike.

Changes to their original visions have been made and now Rising Sun and Kustom Kommune are on the final stretch to their Harley-Davidson custom build showdown.


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  1. Well, I wish I had waited for the end or next vid. Lots of drama but I hope you all finish your creation there. The ride is the best…lol. finish it and ride!

  2. Really great video, story as well as film/editing technique. However with the music it's hard to hear what they say at some times, tried the auto translate option but didn't always made sense .. would be great if you could add. thanks from all non-english native peeps around <3

  3. These videos are very well done and very inspiring! I watch one video everyday, it has become my own personal series. Man, this stuff should be on Netflix!

  4. I have a 1983 Harley iron head sportster xls. Is it possible to add a kickstart to it? Seems kinda cool honestly.

  5. Too bad they barely mention the Forty-Eight. But the tune on an endless loop was awesome. I think I hate EDM now.

  6. best bike productions on the Tube.  bike companies should hire you to do their promo or advertising.  i am 60 years old and now turning back to my good old days on the cafe racer bikes.  a lot of creativity in each bike making  🙂

  7. Just watched all the stories. Captures pretty much everything about having a passion for bikes! So makes my dream of building a bike that bit closer to reality.

  8. damn, can´t wait to repair my bike, I was never late to work, I just got up early and was happy about it, looking forward for a ride in the empty streets… damn I miss that

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