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  1. tell me this… the rubber gaitirs on the rear shocks…
    are they stock ??? im looking for ways to give my royal enfield a military look.. and i think i got an idea looking at them. haha

  2. can you provide a list of part needed for the 200 tire replacement? Tirewheelspacerschain conversion, etc.I want to star buy the parts as money become available. Sick bike!

  3. what exhaust is that m8? its sik and i want one for my 2001 sporty.
    thx in advance.

    sik bike btw, i ride a 200 in the bck to, sweet lookin.

  4. Hey man did you just have to grind off the struts or did you also have to grind all the way around. Also what gender did you have to use. I'm trying to keep my struts and just make the gap greater so I can still have a passenger. Thanks man

  5. is there any way you could link me to those blinkers bout to do serious work to mine and need them for inspection

  6. Where in Germany are you at…I'm looking at converting my 1993 HD Sportster to a bobber, to include a wider rear tire…where you able to use the stock swingarm? Nice bike!

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