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  1. Gotta wear earplugs to avoid more hearing loss – fuck everyone else using the rode who aren't wearing ear protection.

  2. Good review man. I like sport bikes and cruisers. I stay away from sport bikes because I know I would get myself into trouble. I have a Sportster 1200, it's fun to cruise around on. If you want to "get into it" you can a little bit. Not the best choice for tall people like myself, or that good for long distance.

  3. I have found hundreds of these 1200 Customs for under 8 grand. But new?? I would buy something different.

  4. That's a nice area to ride in. I ride a 2014 Sportster 48. My 3rd. Sportster since 1975. I run Vance and Hines short shot staggered pipes, a Screaming Eagle open air filter and had the dealer do a stage one download to the computer. It's way faster than I want to go. I live in Arizona and ride year round. I have owned many types and makes of bikes since I started riding at 14…I'm 71 now. I liked them all and never diss anyone ride. Thanks for the video.

  5. I have the same kind xl 1200 custom. I like it. the only thing I need to do is get that windshield. I have gone up to 95 mph. just to get away from the DUMBASS tailgating idiots.

  6. A brand new 2017 1200 Sportster Custom is $10,999 not $14,000. I bought my 2013 in 2014 with 4,000 mi on it for $8,000. Also the 500 and 750 are not Sportsters. They are a new platform of smaller liquid cooled street bikes.

  7. There are no 500 or 750 sportsters. The tach is sitting in front of you below the speedo. They top out around 125. This video just seems like a hate video. Sorry, enjoy your bike – I'll enjoy my HD.

  8. I totally agree on the pricing. It's rather ridiculous in my opinion. With that said though, if you get a used 1200 sporty you're really not paying much. Maybe 5k on the high side. The amount of performance mods you can do to these is pretty awesome too. It would never touch a lot of the sport bikes but as you said, its for cruising. I'm 24 and have no interest in the whole stereotypical harley scene. A lot of guys my age and a little younger are getting into these. In California the way the guys do these bikes up is unreal. Check out Unknown industries here on youtube and some others to see what I mean. Not just an old mans game anymore. Great review man! I have a 1200 sporty as well.

  9. Thanks for the look at your Dads bike. . Beautiful countryside you have to ride through. . Can I ask where in the States that is ? . .Many thanks Ash.  Cairns Australia.

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