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  1. Great video, I do the same thing I spend 30 mins after my hour ride in the car park as your doing and I'm coming along just fine my circles are down to one parking space but I'm on a little 125 but it will take time….thanks

  2. Turning on the throttle side is usually the oddest to get the feel of. Turning to that side makes you want to throttle up or down.

  3. Have you ever considered pulling the handle bars closer to you. This way you're not have to reach so far up to pull the clutch on a right turn. (just curious)

  4. lol I am the opposite. Tonight I went out to a parking lot and did similar maneuvers, but it was my left turn that would cause me to put a foot down….good video though.

  5. Good practice! There are two parking areas and one narrow side street that I challenge myself with also.
    Great idea to video tape your progress. Riders don't always realize the benefits of doing this at least once a week and
    when you leave the lot you feel more competent on your rides!

  6. Thanks for the video. I've spent quite a few hours over the course of the last two months in parking lots working slow speed turns. I was watching ride like a pro YouTube videos but seeing folks make it look easy wasn't helping. Watching your struggle and progression helps a bunch. Have a safe riding season and thanks again for posting the video !

  7. This helped and encouraged me a lot as a newer rider.  Thank you for being honest about working to improve your low speed turns.  I need to do the same thing!  Have a great day!

  8. PS: What helmet is that? Difficult to find one I like..and I like the way yours sits and covers your head. Would work well for me…thanks.

  9. Very helpful..thanks for taking time. Many if not most I find are amateur riders, do not practice or try and improve, or take it all seriously…it is very important. Those who don't are the ones who get hurt..good for you.

  10. Ride like a pro videos support your head and eyes technique. if you need to put your foot down you need a little more speed to keep the bike more upright thru the turn. it's amazing how it work after you learn it. good job.

  11. For those who want to practice this type of riding anytime anywhere without worry of damage checkout the product at Facebook motorcycle practice guards….

  12. I'm not sure that putting the foot down would stop a fall, although I did it once, making a U-turn, on my Victory Cross (no fall, just instinctively put my foot down). That's why big bikes like this have crash bars.

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