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  1. In south east Asia, you can find some kinds lying on their bike seat doing some superman stuff with one hand on the handle bar and other hand holding the shifting pedal while drag racing.

  2. Holy shit! Someone payed attention in math class! To be able to build a frame with that kind of stretch and have it stable enough to run 11's jockey shiftin and holdin on for dear life with the hand twistin the brap juice is fuckin impressive!!!!!

  3. you could shift faster if you did not have the crap on the side and do it normal. it dosent make you look cooler

  4. WOW!! First and foremost that dude's got a pair for sure!! Keeping his scooter headed down range with one hand crank'n the joy juice and the other grabb'n gears Ronnie Sox and Grumpy Jenkins would applaud – AND smile – 'cause he yanks gears like a 4-wheeler does!! His RT is awesum .066 and lap times are outstanding. Not many side shifter riders can duplicate what this guy does and it's daymn fun to watch and to hear. Thanks so much UHBV for taking the time to share with we fans of the 1/4 mie.

  5. I must be missing something, how is he pulling the clutch? Also 11.81 on a v twin , that is great.

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