Shovelhead Harley-Davidson Chopper RMC Project

shovelhead harley davidson chopp
shovelhead harley davidson chopp followed last winter one of the winterprojects of Rogues MC (The Netherlands) Almost al the members of Rogues MC build and ride Harley-Davidson custom choppers in their own recognizable Rogues Style and inspired by the oldskool early 70’s American chopper scène. Watch more of this at:

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  2. really great. thanks for the video. really need more to share. there are two things in my life, one is to protect my harley and the other is to love my guy, he is also a harley lover. I met him on a harley biker site. (bikermeets****com) There are many bikers there, I make many friends, if you need someone to teach you, there must be the best place.

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