Seriously Harley? Another Softail Model? The 2018 Harley Davidson Sport Glide

Seriously Harley? Another Softail Model? The 2018 Harley Davidson Sport Glide

Why didn’t you come out with a new Sportster!! Anyways…Here is the new 2018 Harley Davidson Sport Glide!!

2018 Softail Lineup Playlist Here:


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  1. The pinwheel style rims look patterned after my 1981 Yamaha Virago wheels. The multi valve 2 plugs per cylinder is great. My 2000 and 2002 Honda 1100 Vtwins have that too, but they had it a couple of decades ago. I'm betting the quick detach clamps on the fairing will shake apart eventually. Still, the M8 107 seems to be a great motor. I rode a Road King and Road Glide with that motor, and liked the performance. The new suspension from Showa is a huge improvement over past years. The prices are ridiculous, however. A new Road King was discounted to $23K for me. I'd rather go back to my 1950 Panhead with its oil leaks and unreliable performance, or my leave me on the side of the road Sportster that leaked enough oil to bring back a dinosaur or two.
    I'm thinking I"m probably going Adventure bike or Goldwing, or perhaps an Indian.

  2. Are you having a gender identity crisis? Then boy do we have the perfect bike for you. Introducing the all new dyna-softail-bagger.

  3. This Sport Glide is a really nice one. The only few changes I would make islet rid of the cheapo front fender and install a touring fender. The oil cooler needs to be better protected from debris, Id like a bigger gas tank too. Id have one built if I had to for touring. Id also add the sissy bar and
    Packing Rack to put some gear on for any longer trips that I should decide to make. Everything else is STANDUP AWESOME!! Some great Kudos to H-D. R&D department for really tricking out a nice Bike ! How do you like how it handles when your on it? I bet its really fun to ride !
    The mini faring has a purpose. To keep rocks and flying debris away from your body. Getting stuck behind a gravel truck that just hit a pothole is what I'm referring to. Does it feel like it has enough power? I know you can do things to the engine for that. My question is, Is it adequate or do you feel you'd need more than what it already has?

  4. Too much bullshit. They need a bobber introduction type of bike at no more than 7000 dollars to get the newbies into buying a Harley Davidson. 18000 for a bike that’s nothing special. No thanks. Indian and triumph are beating Harley at their own game and history.

  5. Best looking bike Harley offers for 18 if I were going to buy one. Besides the little front fender. Bags are meh..Anyone feel the way I do about the 18's when you look at them thinking wtf is that, Softail/Fatbob/Dyna cross breed Identity crisis.

  6. Harley doing what they do best…practically nothing. Hey lets hang some more chrome and make them even heavier. Like they are putting 2018 stickers on a 1918 motorcycle. And that is why they are slowly sinking. As the only people left that will buy them any more are slowing dying off from old age. Take a look in Craiglist adds and see the many, many Harleys for sale…as many as all the other brands of motorcycles combined. Just don't get it.

  7. dammit man, what is this? i waited 2 plus years for the return of the sport glide and this is what it turns out to be. where is the frame mounted fairing and PAINTED bags? they kept the clam shell bag design but they look like an after thought. damn…i thought for sure with the current love of the old fxrt they would hold true-er to the original concept.

  8. Idk what hd is doing as a motor co anymore its like they just ignore what their customers want and just re-release early 2000s japanese cruiser bikes

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