Sentencing for Seeman isn't the end of his legal troubles

Sentencing for Seeman isn't the end of his legal troubles

Paul Scott Seeman received a 15-month stayed sentence Wednesday after convictions for perjury and receiving stolen property. But that’s not the last time he’s likely to see the inside of a Rice County courtroom.

Seeman, 43, who lives in Cannon City Township, will be back in court next month following a decision by the state Court of Appeals affirming his 2016 conviction for livestock theft. Prosecutors are expected to ask that Seeman’s probation be revoked, Rice County Attorney John Fossum said Thursday, citing Seeman’s non-compliance with probation.

Seeman was charged in June with indecent exposure after reportedly pulling his pants and underwear down, and exposing his buttocks in front of probation officials.

“He’s refused to comply with directions of probation,” said Fossum.

If a judge agrees with prosecutors, Seeman could go to prison for a year and a day.

Thursday’s sentencing covers just two of 36 felonies Seeman was charged with in June 2014: possession of a stolen Harley-Davidson motorcycle and lying about it in court. Seeman purchased a Harley-Davidson, made one payment and then stopped making payments. Harley-Davidson sued to repossess the bike, but Seeman testified it had been repossessed and he didn’t know where it was. Law enforcement later found the Harley in Seeman’s basement.

Judge Christine Long also sentenced Seeman Thursday to five years probation and 365 days in jail. That was stayed for 275 days and he received credit for five days in jail. He’ll serve a total of 85 days, but may serve it as work release.

The remaining charges alleged Seeman’s involvement in a racketeering ring over four states. Several properties searched by local law enforcement in mid 2014 turned up items reported stolen from several Minnesota counties, Montana, Colorado and Iowa. Stolen property included trailers, cars and an antique tractor worth $ 60,000.

Fossum said he expects Seeman will be tried twice more: once for possession of a stolen Haulmark trailer and again for the remaining 33 counts. That, Fossum said, is where Seeman — if convicted on the most serious charges — could see a lengthy prison sentence. The racketeering charge would net him 10 years in prison under state sentencing guidelines.

“We do expect to send him to prison eventually,” said Fossum. “We have a very strong case. The Rice County Sheriff’s Office did excellent work in preparing this case.”

He also credited the work of his office’s assistant county attorneys, Thao Trinh and Kristine Word, for the convictions while pointing to Seeman and a stream of lawyers for dragging the case out.

Though it’s taken years to bring Seeman to trial, “it doesn’t mean we’re giving up,” Fossum said.

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