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ROANOKE CO., Va. (WDBJ7) May is motorcycle safety awareness month, so this week, WDBJ7’s Caitlin Francis learns how to ride a motorcycle, sort of.

Caitlin showed up to the Roanoke Valley Harley Davidson shop with shorts, a t-shirt, a flip flops. Apparently, that’s wrong!

So before anything else happened, Kim helped her find some safety gear: pants, jacket, socks, and boots, and don’t forget the helmet!

“Of course in the state of Virginia you have to wear a helmet which we always recommend anyway,” said Zack Shiffer, GM of the Roanoke Valley Harley Davidson.

Now, they’re ready to ride! Almost…

“Before you head out on your bike, it’s always good to look at it. Make sure all the lights are working…check the turn signals…check the headlight…make sure your tires have enough pressure in them. That’s something, even for cars, I think, is often overlooked, is the air pressure. Minimum I would check it once a month, I know some people check every ride,” Shiffer said.

Let’s be clear, Caitlin has never done this before. Zack takes his time explaining all of the parts, which buttons to push, and how to handle the clutch.

Now they’re ready to ride!

But whether you’ve been riding for years, or you’ve never been on a bike – or trike — before, safety is always number one on the road.

“Always make sure that you’re watching people and assuming they’re going to pull out in front of you. It’s just safer that way,” Shiffer said.

But for someone, like Shiffer, who grew up around motorcycles, he says if you’ve never tried it, there’s nothing in the world like it.

“You’re a lot more connected with everything out there, the sights the smells the sounds everything,” he said. “Motorcycling is a lot of fun, but you do have to be safe.”

If you’re interested in learning more, including more of the safety aspects of riding a two-wheeler or a trike, the safety classes at Virginia Western come highly recommended by the guys at the Harley shop.

You can get that information on their website

And if you’re interested in visiting the Harley Davidson location, you can visit their website .

They’re holding their summer fashion show at the Roanoke Valley Harley Davidson this Saturday, May 26. Caitlin Francis is participating.

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