Sam Steele and the pandemic pivot

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Sam Steele Days 2021 is going to be waaaaaaay better than Sam Steele Days 2020!

Of course, this rotten COVID-19 pandemic, now in day 462, kiboshed last year’s festival and is limiting what organizers can do and provide this year, but it’s a start!

The term “pandemically pivot” is being used with good reason by organizers and participants.

Thanks to continued limits on crowd sizes, though the limits are better than just last week, traditional events are being replaced, primarily, by virtual events.

However, some local organizations have pulled together some “COVID safe” events and activities, such as this evening’s Sam Steele Days Classic Car Cruise around Cranbrook, starting at 6 p.m.

One tradition of Sam Steele Days will continue – a Father’s Day pancake breakfast on Sunday, June 20 in the Apollo Restaurant parking lot from 9 a.m. to noon (or so), courtesy of Healthy Caring Meals.

Learn more about the community events and activities taking place here.

Sam’s Pandemic Parade Contest replaces the annual parade (for this year), due to allowed crowd sizes. Businesses and residents are getting creative and decorating front windows, homes and yards in a Sam Steele Days theme. Participating attractions are added to this year’s pandemic parade route, where people can drive by and vote for their favourite attractions!

Decorations (floats) must be ready by Thursday, June 17.

Learn more about the Pandemic Parade here.

Another unique way to enjoy Sam Steele Days is Sam’s Cash Stache – a virtual stache hunt!

More than $5,500 in restaurant gift certificates can be won for those who wish to get hunting.

Use the clues to win The Stache

Each clue on this page provides a hint to where each Stache is hidden.

Sam’s Cash Staches are hidden on a website, or on a Facebook page.

Each Stache you find has a unique code that allows you to enter to win a $100 gift certificate to a local restaurant.

Read each clue carefully as some of them are tricky.

The more clues you find, the better odds of winning.

Learn more here.

Speaking of local restaurants, the third major aspect of this year’s festival is Steele of a Deal, with more than 20 local restaurateurs offering Sam Steele-inspired offers.

Check out these Steele of a deals

Lead image: Sam Steele Society treasurer Laura Kennedy and president Carrie Schafer are two of the many volunteers and businesses helping guide the pandemic pivot. e-KNOW photo