Safety reminders as the Street Vibrations Rally gets underway


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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) The 25th annual Street Vibrations Rally is underway. with over five thousand people expected at this five day event, the Reno Police Department is doing their part to ensure everyone is geared up for safety and the weather.

“With street vibrations here this weekend we’re slated to have from my understanding temperatures in the 50’s with rain,” said Officer Travis Warren. “For those individuals coming in whether it be for street vibrations or not it’s important to remember when it comes to our roads, it’ll start getting slick. It’s very important to take time, give yourself some distance in front of the car and the motorcycle in front of you in case something happens.”

Matt Ensor is the store manager of Harley Davidson on Market Street.

As an avid motorcycle rider, he has some advice for bikers hitting the highways this weekend.

“You know it’s the first major rain of the year potentially so the oil rises to the top of the highway in the street,” said Ensor. “My advice is to ride in the tracks of the car tires for maximum safety and dress warm.”

For all the other drivers on the road, Officer Warren said before you change lanes always look twice for bikers to minimize the risk of accidents.

“Motorcycles can be hard to see, it’s important when you’re driving in a car that you double check your mirrors,” added Officer Warren. “Make sure you look twice so that a motorcycle doesn’t drive into your blind spot and that you cant see, because motorcycles can appear very quickly.”

Ensor said bikers should remember to wear protective clothing and bring rain gear. He added that you don’t want to be caught out in the rain unprepared.

“Definitely wanna check your tires on your motorcycle, make sure it’s good and that you have some tread on there,” Ensor said. “No rush, the event is going to be hitting hard Thursday through Saturday. So, no rush to get out here enjoy the nice ride up 6,000 feet down to Reno.

Officer Warren said this event is all about having fun and being safe.

He wants bikers to know splitting lanes is illegal in Nevada and remember to wear a helmet.

Most importantly he said don’t drink and drive.

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