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  1. I have a 14' street glide special. I personally can't stand the way the RG looks. Never even set on one. Ride what YOU like and enjoy the wind!

  2. Good review, I actually learned something I didn't know (up gradable voice command), trading in my 13 RG for a 17 RG this weekend.

  3. the road glide just looks MEAN! I love the look of it! im going back and forth on the Street Glide or Road Glide. great vid!

  4. lmao bro hats off for the rings, I where ten rings, bracelet, watch and wallet chain daily. so it's funny how some people will always have shit to say but the might wallet chain due a little damage.

  5. Hate watching you SCRATCH those beautiful bikes in multiple spots with your Chain, Rings, and Bracelet ! Nobody wants to pay full price for a scratched up bike. Careful Dude!

  6. I rode them both…and chose the RG…I'm 6'2" and 280 with long arms and the RG was a better fit for me, but both bikes ROCK!

  7. Great comparison. I was seriously looking at getting a Street Glide. But… Now I want a Road Glide.

    Does the Road Glide come with the CVO package?

  8. not to be rude or anything…. but great way to scratch a brand new bike….. chain wallet and rings all over the new bike, I'd be pissed if I saw you do that to my bike

  9. Scott Placella… Yes, the RG's GPS screen is not viewable from the sun due to its angle. We flew out to Clolorado last week and rented a RG and SG. Both were 16 models. The RG has serious GPS issues in the sun. As we were not familiar with the area, it was a bit of an issue is the RG was in the lead. I am considering one of these in the future. I came away thinking SG as I like the handle bar position better. To me it seemed like the SG fit a larger person better as the bars do not come back towards you as much as on the RG. As I rode both and still have not fully decided, its a personal fit choice. They are both awesome.

  10. Great video thanks, enjoyed watching.  I love the street glide, I currently own a 14 SGS, what an excellent ride!!  I like the RG also, however I just cant get past the fixed fairing, I prefer to see the fairing move when turning, just my liking.  Both excellent bikes.  I am 6' 2" at 200 pounds and the stock street glide fits me perfect.

  11. I have to say I went to my local dealer fully intending to buy a street glide special test rode it and then on a whim test rode a Road glide special. I now own a 2016 Black Quartz Roadglide special…. I would agree with him ride both before you make a decision

  12. Yeah, +1 on it being biased. The wind does not jerk the bars side to side like he says, one hand at 80+ passing semi trucks or smart cars, no difference. Good, quick explanation on the differences, though.

  13. Great video! I was shocked when Riding a Street Glide at the Harley on Tour Testride Event in Germany. Not because the bike was awefull… but because I enjoyed it so much and felt it hat more torque than a dyna with less vibration.
    I disliked the whole infotainment system at first, too… The more I think about getting a second bike, the more I want a bagger. Would be a great contrast to my Hayabusa Sports Bike.

    Only problem is it costs a ton more of money than a switchback. Dear Santa…

  14. Not really sure how one can say the 2014 sg handles worse than a RG. I owned a RG now a street glide special and I will say for certain wind affected my RG worse than my street glide special. The RG does handle better than the 13 and earlier sg models. I am 6ft and 225 lbs and my street glide special fits me perfectly. Either way you go both are awesome bikes.

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