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  1. Brit parallel twins sound great. I own a 79 Bonneville and love the sound. The problem here is the guy is too scared to let the bike idle because he hasn't set the carbs up properly and it might stall. A little bit of maintenance would help 🙂

  2. What mic setup do you have? Love the audio on all your bike vids. Great audio and not to much wind noise. More motorcycle videos please.

  3. rogressive rear shocks make that much of a difference? How about stage one kits? Except for being louder, can you tell a power difference?

  4. Harley engines could use some massaging. Port the heads, bigger carb – because that engine sounds choked up.

  5. Better Learn how to start that sportster..,, First you put the choke on and give the throttle 2 full twist and then turn on the key and press the starter button and let the motor warm up first for a couple minutes before taking off on a ride.

  6. la mia sporter 1200 ha il cambio molto rumoroso durante inserimento e disisermimento. è normale?

  7. I've got an XL1200 Sport Sportster also, but I'm considering the same handlebars. What do you think so far? Do you like the setup? Are shorter ape hangers better or not as good in your opinion?

  8. I like the Sportsters look and price range but I'm 6'4". Do you think I could comfortably ride one?

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