Riding a custom chopper (Harley Davidson motor) in Arizona

Riding a custom chopper (Harley Davidson motor) in Arizona

I rented the custom bike from Fun Time Rentals and put in a full days riding. This is the real deal, its an amazing bike, S&S motor, open pipes, hard tail, raked out front end but still steers where you put it. Jerry talked me through riding such a thoroughbred custom bike and I was delighted with the whole amazing experience. It turned heads wherever I went. I have ridden some amazing bikes, but this is one sweet ride, very special.
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  1. Hi, ground clearance is not too bad in a straight line, you would be unlikely to hit big bumps, but I guess if you rode off a tall curbside you would scrape something. The only problem I found is because the bike handles better than you might think, you will scrape footpegs or pipes, if you lean too hard into corners.

  2. what happens if you go over large bumps wth a bike like this or a bike thats even lower to the ground? will it mess the bike up?

  3. Not to bust your buuble, but this bike is not a Harley, it is actually a custom chopper. Some people do not know, but there is actually a difference.

  4. Nice video! Great editing and the bike looks insane!!! That back tyre has to be about 6 inches wide! Nice sound and amazing pain and chrome work!

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