Rider Academy begins at Wildcat Harley Davidson

Rider Academy begins at Wildcat Harley Davidson

LONDON, Ky. (WYMT) – Drivers are ditching their cars and are learning to balance on just two wheels through the Rider’s Academy at Wildcat Harley Davidson.

Both the State of Kentucky and Harley Davidson teamed up to teach people motorcycle safety, giving tips on how to drive with more skill while avoiding accidents.

Joshua Walden says there is a lot more to learn about a bike than just how to grip the handlebars and step on the gas.

“I signed up because I’ve wanted to ride a motorcycle since I was a little kid and never have before,” Walden says. “[The trainers are] taking me from zero experience to riding around the course with no problem at all.”

General Manager Shane Richmond says these courses give riders, inexperienced and seasoned, the chance to learn the basics before they head out on the road.

“You learn how to walk the motorcycle, and what the controls are, how they operate…” Richmond said. “Then they do a lot of in-class situations also, teaching people about the products that we have and what safety features they have.”

Wildcat Harley Davidson crews say this is a way to ensure they know the tricks to become safer, skilled bikers.

Each instructor is trained by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Harley Davidson Rider Academy.

“This program with Harley Davidson has been going on for several years and it just gets better and better. We are happy to be working with Harley Davidson, teaching on Harley Davidson, and having everyone understand what we do and why.

“So it gives you a lot of history about Harley and the history about Wildcat Harley and kind of helps us connect better with the customer,” Richmond said.

Walden says even if someone never plans to own a bike, this experience is worth investing in. He, however, might change his mind.

“I do suggest learning how to ride one just because the feeling of it is great and excellent. I’m hoping I don’t impulse and buy a bike now,” he laughed.

Program organizers say they plan to continue these training sessions every weekend until the end of the year depending on the weather.

Each session is a three-day course, and they are able to teach 12 people at one time.

The beginning course costs $150.

Click here to find a course near you.

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