Reverse: How to

Reverse: How to

Have you recently purchased a Harley-Davidson Trike or Freewheeler? Maybe you’re just curious about how it works. Having trouble getting the reverse to engage? Well look no farther. In this video, Eugene can help you through a step by step tutorial on how to activate the reverse, remove the parking break, and even a quick fix if you happen to pop a circuit.

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  1. If the Breaker trips as easy as what I am reading The Breaker is to small and it's amp rating needs to be increased …

  2. Very informative I just bought a trike ,tripped the breaker at my first stop .Forgot to release parking brake. Didn't know about breaker.

  3. I couldn't figure out why I kept tripping the reverse breaker when I first got trike. I learned that you not only need come to a complete stop, but wait a couple of seconds before you put it into first. Haven't tripped the breaker since.

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