Resident of Cliff moves into action after witnessing accident with motorcycle and truck

Resident of Cliff moves into action after witnessing accident with motorcycle and truck


CLIFF — Mick Reed is your average every day guy. He loves riding motorcycles and has experience on dirt and street bikes. Wednesday morning he witnessed an accident involving a motorcycle and a pickup truck and he had to quickly respond.

“I was driving on Hwy 180 near the Iron Bridge and noticed that a white pickup truck had come to the stop sign there,” Reed said. “I was following behind a guy riding a Harley, about 500 yards back. I saw the truck come to a stop and then pull out in front of the Harley. She hit him and sent him flying.”

Reed said he quickly pulled over and noticed that the guy was in pretty bad shape. He assisted by helping support the guy’s neck and also attempted to stop the bleeding. He also had to give the guy CPR.

“His helmet got knocked off his head,” Reed said. “That Harley was mangled. A motorcycle is no match for a one-ton pickup.”

Reed said the community near Riverside where it happened quickly responded as well. 

“There was a bunch of people that came out to help,” Reed said. “Some helped block traffic until New Mexico State Police arrived. Others called 911 to get help on the way. Some people helped me support the guy and others brought towels to help stop the bleeding. I couldn’t be more proud of my community out here.”

As an avid motorcyclist, Reed stated that it’s a different perspective when you are on the bike and he wanted to remind people that in this area, several people ride bikes all the time and drivers have to be aware of them on the road.

“I’ve been riding for 15 years,” Reed said. “I currently have a Ninja 1000. It’s a completely different perspective when you are in a car or on the bike. Sitting on a bike you feel vulnerable. You aren’t protected by windows and doors. Conditions rapidly change on a bike. I know there are blind spots for people driving cars and trucks, but that’s why they need to constantly be aware of their surroundings because motorcycles are out there.”

Reed stated that he was told the victim was transported to the Gila Regional Medical Center and when he went over there to check on him they wouldn’t tell him the guy’s condition.

“All they told me was that he wasn’t here anymore,” Reed said. “I’m assuming they flew him out because of the damage he had on his head.”

Reed encouraged everyone who has the will to take a CPR class.

“You never know when you are going to need it,” Reed said. “I coach Pop Warner football and from there to being able to utilize it on the highway on an accident. It’s crazy how everything just kicks in and you remember your training. It would be hard to sit there and google or Youtube how to do CPR if you ever needed it.”

New Mexico State Police is investigating the accident and no information was available at this time. 

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