Regina motorcyclists calling road maintenance pilot project dangerous

The Pavement Preservation Pilot Project intended to increase the life of roads in Regina is causing what some motorcyclists describe as dangerous road conditions.

Mike Scherban usually loves to ride his Harley Davidson bike, but traveling on Lewvan Drive recently, his love was replaced with uncertainty.

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“After I crossed 14 Avenue, I noticed that the tire track lanes were black and the rest of the lane was covered in sand. Traffic was so slow that when I put my feet down and picked them back up to move again, my feet were sticking to my floor boards of my motorcycle,” Scherban said.

“Something needs to be done about it because it’s not safe for motorcycles to ride on.”

The works starts with city crews sweeping the road, then they use a sealant to fill in small cracks. The problem for bikers is when they put the sand over the sealant and then open the road to traffic.

“There’s less traction on the road, [with] sand on it, you might as well be driving on ice,” Prairie Harley Davidson Manger Sean Renton said.

The city told Global News the project will extend the life cycle of the roads by five years and cost less. The sand is expected to be gone by Friday. In the meantime, the city posted lower speed limit signs.

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Scherban doesn’t think there is enough signs posted. He said the lack of signs left him in a catch-22.

“I couldn’t get out of it because there was traffic in front of me and behind me, so I just had to go very, very slow,” Scherban said.

“I thought that [the pilot project] was great idea, but I thought it could have been handled a bit better. Give people an opportunity to choose to ride on it, drive on it or not, but when you do a whole area at once you don’t give anybody that opportunity,” Renton said.

The program will cost the city $ 350,000 and 20 locations have been designated thus far.

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