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  1. who wants a damn wimpy electric start on their hog anyway?

    if ya cant start it (without breaking ya leg) ya cant ride it! (without also, maybe, breaking ya leg?)

  2. nice machine…love old schools…but i cant help noticin the front fender..either get rid of it or paint it like the rest of the bike?

  3. Very nice chopper, excellent detail work. I like it. But,…let's be real,…"Real Deal Old School Style" never had disc brakes. I'm not only "old school", I'm also old, and remember. 😉

  4. ok ive been flicking through chopper vids and giving my opinion and rating out of 10 for badassness lol you chopper is a beast mate and when you did the driveby and give it a gut full your rating went up a few points to a sweet 9/10.

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