Rabid Hedgehog’s review of the 2016 Harley Freewheeler Trike

rabid hedgehogs review of the 20
rabid hedgehogs review of the 20

Okay so it must have been a plague of me being stupid. I misquoted price on this one. But here is the first ride for me every on a Trike and that is the Harley Freewheeler. Here are the stats:
103CI Engine
6 Speed Cruise Drive transmission
104.7 Ft lbs tq and 88 HP
Fuel economy 39 MPG highway
Running weight 1082lbs Max weight 1700lbs
6 Gallon Fuel tank
499 MSRP
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  1. How was hitting bumps at low speed? I bought one and had a fat boy for years but putting this one in first gear sounds loose with a rattle. My rear left fender shakes at idle. Did you notice any of these things.

  2. I've had my 2015 Freewheeler since new and 26k miles on it now. Upgraded to a stage 2 (cam,exhaust,intake,race tuner)and it is just plain badass. I'll tell new riders with me that there isn't a cruiser that can keep up with me in the twisties. They all give me the PFFT. At the end of the ride, they are giving me a thumbs up and telling me how good of a rider I am. With the right air pressure in the shocks, and hanging off the seat, it will dart through a corner and the torque will leave a cruiser as it is just getting to the apex.LOL Oh, mine easily lifts the front end a foot high when shifting into 2nd!

  3. As the proud owner of a 2016 Freewheeler I have to say it's a great ride. I'm looking at my 70th birthday this October and could no longer ride my 06 Ultra safely. This Freewheeler is the ideal alternative. Well done, Harley Davidson.

  4. I picked up the Freewheeler today. After 30years on a 2 wheeled bike, It is going to take some getting used to a Trike. The push & pull vs. leaning is a hard habit to break. I am glad that I watched your video first, it helped me understand the Freewheeler.
    Thanks again

  5. Nice review RH………..I've been riding for about 50 years now, and currently am enjoying the new FLSS Softail Slim S with the awesome 110 Screaming Eagle motor. This thing is pure get up and go! The FLSS is my 5th HD over the years and I absolutely love it. However, also over the years I've pretty much blown out both myt feet and ankles, not to mention a screwed up Lumbar. Point I'm trying to get at is, I think the motor company is right on with their thinking in introducing the "Freewheeler"……namely there are a lot of Baby Boomers out there who suddenly wake up one morning and say Holy Batcrap Batman…………where did all those years go??!! (Still coming to my point). This getting older and partially handicapped is really becoming an issue with my ability to safely ride on two wheels. The injuries have made stopping, parking, using feet to push Scooter out of the garage, etc. just adds to the pain and struggle. I'm 65 now and this "Freewheeler" may just be the ticket to help keep me in the wind for many more years whereas being faced with having to give up riding altogether, and still feel that great "cool man" sense of enjoyment we all enjoy on two wheels. To sum up and shut up, as the next ten years or so roll around (hopefully), HD may just have designed the answer ride for us old geezers…………Ha! As far as the wierd handling sensation, I'm sure in time a rider can get used to it. Appreciate the good review Bro!

  6. I've had my 2015 HD Freewheeler for about a year and half. The handling is a learning curve but after only a week or so, it became really easy. I have almost 10,000 miles on now and loved every mile. I can keep up with most of my riding friends, even in the curves. But, you do have to learn how to take a curve on it, it is different.

  7. Your impression of it was pretty much the same as mine. I have talked to several people who have the Triglide, and they say after a short while you get use to the differences and don't even notice them anymore.

  8. I don't think I would ever want one of these knowing that Tilting Motor Works has created a leaning version of this one with a more natural riding style. All of the reviews I have seen of them have been extremely positive. The steering on a rear wheel trike would drive me nuts.

  9. I've ridden both the Trike and the Spyder F3. One is fun & rides well… and the other is a Trike. The only reason to buy a Trike is because it's U.S. made (which is a valid reason)

    Now if H-D made their 3 wheeler like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t30NU_v5YcM
    But to be honest, I've never ridden a Tilting Motor equipped bike, so I don't really know how well it rides.

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