Rabid Hedgehog’s Review of the 2015 Harley Davidson Night Rod Special

rabid hedgehogs review of the 20 1
rabid hedgehogs review of the 20 1

Sometimes you just need a second chance.
Specs on the 2015 Harley Night Rod Special
MSRP 849.00
1250CC Liquid Cooled 60 Degree V-Twin
125HP and 87 Ft-lbs of Torque
Combined MPG 37
5 Gallon gas Tank
25.6 inch seat
666 Lbs Wet

Bike from Iron Nation Harley Davidson located at 3433 N Broadway, Edmond, OK 73013
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  1. Wow man amazing video , I've been watching a lot of reviews about this bike because I will buy it but by far this is the best one and totally agreed with what you said at the end of the video!!

  2. I agreed every bit of your thought. I bought a night rod 2016, got used to it straight away. easy turn and feel lighter than my CBR1000 when moving in out my garage. Considered i'm only 165cm and 65 kg. I test ride the sportster 48 like the seating position but not enough power. Did'nt get to test the night rod because my legs didn't reach the forward pecs I bought it anyway and changed to reach seat before pickup. OMG never look back. I love it.

  3. Halfway across the globe the competition for Harley is not from Indian Or Victory its from " Throttle by wire " Triumph..

  4. When you consider how little has really been changed on this bike in 15 years, you have to admit they did a pretty damn good job. You may not be able to compare with modern competitor power outputs, but where were they 15 years ago? Too bad Harley won't invest in an update. They would probably screw it up anyway by making it just like all their other bikes.

  5. Love the Night Rod Special and wonder why they have announced 2017 is the last? Seems to me they are going back to "traditional" Harley look and sound. End of a short lived era.

  6. Bought a new '16 Muscle back in June. I absolutely LOVE the bike. Rock solid, head turner, faster than necessary! V Rod is the best bike ever made by H-D in my opinion. So needless to say I'm devastated that H-D is discontinuing V-Rod after next month (Oct. 2016). I know in a few years or so when I want a new and/or improved one, they won't be there :(.

  7. How would you rate it as a daily commuter.????? do let me know. Im coming to the US from Pakistan and right now I cant get a car but I can get a bike. So please let me know.

  8. Amazing review bro, this is the best night rod review i have ever cane across i have been watching all reviews and after this review i walked into the harly showroom and got me my night rod 2016. I am young too and i have been only riding sport bikes and as you said if it wasnt for this bike and the advances they made i would never buy a harley. I wish harley can start making more of those great choices. Thanks again bro. Great work. ✌️

  9. I've always wanted one of these. my wife gave me the ok so just waiting now. I'm so excited hopefully around the Xmas.

  10. I want one but I want a bike that sounds beastly. But I love the look of this one,could you swap exhaust to something that gives it a heavy Harley sound?

  11. hey wassaup ? first of all great review. I wanna buy this bike but im so confused in night rod and muscle because blacked out looks nice and the back fender of muscle also looks nice. Don't know what to choose night or muscle :(

  12. i have a vrod muscle. i prefer it over the night rod. wider bars and more comfortable seat. in addition to a more aggressive styling language. but obviously if you choose the night rod, you'll be very happy with it. IMO they are the best bikes HD have ever made

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