PowerDrift PitStop : Harley Davidson NH Zero Ride & 1200 Custom Preview

PowerDrift PitStop : Harley Davidson NH Zero Ride & 1200 Custom Preview

From the chills of Bhutan to the warmth of the desert. Our travelling duo of Atul and Siddharth head out to Rajasthan thanks to Harley-Davidson on a Treasure hunt. The NH 0 Ride, which leads to a special Treasure, the 2016 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom!

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  1. Nice video.. waiting for the complete review of Harley bikes, rather a comparison too , with other companies like triumph..:) pleaseeeee

  2. Video was good. But we need more review comments on fuel capacity, heat dissipation, city rideability..cmon guys you know better than us.. Please go for a full blown review..

  3. Guys… where are the bike reviews??? Its been 3 weeks or more …
    Loved the Bhutan trip ride video.. but where are the reviews?
    The first impressions are ok.. but its not as much fun ( ofcourse you dont do ur genius post editing on those)
    but where are the reviews??
    can we have some sort of weekly or biweekly day that we know you guys will definitely upload a review??

  4. when will Harley learn that high capacity bikes with low range and mileage won''t work in India, our fuel prices are three times US and Highways dont have many petrol pumps in short distances, the ones that are give diluted fuel, learn something from Bajaj, idiots

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