[Photos] Story Of How A Shabbily Dressed Old Man Pays For A Harley Davidson Bike In Cash …

Ever went into a store and the staff gives you a head to toe scan as if assessing your financial competency?

Recently in Thailand, netizens’ attention was directed towards a man who purchased a very expensive motorcycle and had paid cash upfront.

And what made netizens even more stunned was the fact the man who made this startling purchase was none other than a dishevelled looking elderly man who was dressed rather shabbily.

In the heart of Singburi province, this old Thai man had entered a Harley Davidson shop and the manager himself was initially taken aback by the rather old and shabby looking customer but was even more dumbfounded when he produced RM75,300 in cash to buy one of the classic motorcycles in the store.

Biking news portal, Maxsingburibike had initially reported on the unusual incident by sharing photographs of the man checking out a bike and promptly making up his mind.

Pic: SanookPic: Sanook

Pic: SanookPic: Sanook

The whole transaction apparently only took up 10 minutes as the old man was very certain with himself and his decision.

According to the report on Thai Visa, the old Thai man had visited several bike dealerships but no one would pay him any attention.

‘The man in question looked like he didn’t have two baht to rub together, was dressed in shabby old clothes and flip-flops. He didn’t look a likely customer with his tramp-like grey beard and long hair,’ the report on Thai Visa states.

The local Thai news portal had also managed to get in touch with the man’s sister who revealed a touching story behind the viral news.

The man’s elder sister said her brother was known as “Lung Decha”. Describing her brother as an honest, hardworking man who was semi-retired from his job as a mechanic, she said that he neither smokes nor drinks and never gambles.

So, while he was not rich but had set his mind on a nice bike for a long time; now he was going to enjoy it, Thai Visa reports.

An excellent lesson we can learn from this: firstly, start saving now. Secondly, just because a person does not look it, that does not mean he or she can’t afford it.


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