‘Once it’s in your blood it doesn’t leave’: Expo a feast for bike lovers

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Cobargo’s Marshall McKenna says he doesn’t need to polish his bike to make it stand out. The 60-year-old says he’s won so many awards he’s transcended the need to shine his bike, and has embraced the steampunk ethos for his customised Harley-Davidson Cross Bones. “I love it. A lot of people might hate it, but it’s good to look at,” he said. Mr McKenna took part in Saturday’s show and shine competition at the Bega Valley Motorcycle Expo, and rather than going for the win he said he was more interested in watching the reactions of onlookers. “I’ve won enough trophies, now I just like to see people’s reactions, he said. “I like to see what people say, and what people think. A lot of the bikes here are all the same but different colours. “I’ll leave the rust on. I don’t like the shiny stuff. “I have had shiny ones in the past, but I’m not a polisher. This bike has only been cleaned twice in six years.” Mr McKenna bought the bike on a trip to Queensland, and managed to finish his alterations, which includes a seat from an old hay sieve at the rear, the day before the show. “I just saw it sitting in a shop, and while the bloke was working out a price for something else I decided I had to have it,” he said. “There’s still more work to do, but I had to finish it yesterday to get it here.” His modifications also include the addition of an extra wheel, which he said was necessary after three recent operations on his leg have meant he can no longer hold up a two-wheeled bike. Growing up around his father’s Triumphs and Harley-Davidson, Mr McKenna fell in love with bikes after an accident at a young age. “I stacked it one time and loved it,” he said. “Once it’s in your blood it doesn’t leave.” Thirteen-year-old Junior Formula 500 racer Max Bevan also visited the Bega Showground on Saturday. From Colo Vale, Max has already taken home an Australian Championship and an overall NSW Club Championship for his class, as well as multiple minor NSW Title podium finishes. While he is currently sponsored by Penrite Oil, Mr Faulds said with ten meets on the season’s calendar at an average cost of around $1000 per meet, competing is not an easy task. Invited to the event by organiser Glenn Cotter, Max entertained the crowd with a few laps at top speed. Racing since the age of six on dirt go-karts, Max said he was drawn naturally to the “adrenaline” of speedway racing. “He loves to go quick, and this is the best way to do it,” his grandfather Dennis Faulds said.



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